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What is the best preparation strategy to score in the 90's for UMAT?

The main reason to what makes UMAT a challenging test is because what it assesses, logical reasoning. Logical reasoning is the thinking process where a person makes a decision solely based on observable evidence. This means UMAT is a skill-based assessment and unlike the majority of assessments in high school and university, must be prepared differently.

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Essential Stages of UMAT Preparation

 1. Learn

First step to UMAT preparation is to learn the correct techniques to solve UMAT questions before attempting them yourself.

Learn exactly what to do and prevent any confusion from the get go.

2. Apply

Knowing the technique is completely different from using it.  So, try applying the newly learned technique to questions.

There is nothing better to familiarising techniques than to use it.

3. Identify

Was applying the technique harder than you thought? If so, identify exactly what made it difficult.

Make a list of all your weaknesses to position yourself for improvement.

4. Fix & Refine

Lastly, focus on fixing up your weaknesses to refine how you answer UMAT questions.

Following these four steps UMAT allows you to consistently answer UMAT accurately and quickly.

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Dr. Jin Xu

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