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Meet the Co-founders OF iCanMed

The iCanMed team is formed of qualified teachers, assessment writers, coaches and medical selection specialists, all with personal and professional experience with the medical entrance process. Our collaboration extends to current and former interviewers, medical recruiters and a former Dean of Medicine.

Difference-makers, passionate educators: your leadership team behind medical school entry success.

Ashton Sheares - iCanMed

Ashton Sheares

Before iCanMed, Ashton spent five years working as a high school math teacher in WA. His background in logical reasoning and problem-solving enabled him to solve the UCAT via a series of strict algorithms. Furthermore, by using formal logic, Ashton develops intricate techniques that make preparing for the UCAT a simple and straightforward process.

Michael Tsai - iCanMed

Michael Tsai

As a qualified educator, professional interviewer, learning designer and assessment writer, Michael spent the last 11 years helping thousands of pre-med students with all aspects of medical school entrance. He currently delivers UCAT and interview workshops across seven cities in NZ and Australia, and also advises over 70 schools on preparation timelines and methodologies.


TIME TO LEARN: easy, fast and complete

We know students want methods guaranteed to help them achieve the best marks possible. That’s why iCanMed has spent the last three years completely dissecting and understanding every part of the UCAT (previously known as the UKCAT) in order to bring to you proven methods for solving every question type in the exam. It’s time to be informed about what the UCAT really is, attempt updated questions and learn about the best and worst ways to prepare. 



In 2018, iCanMed helped aspiring students successfully secure 315 offers for medical and dental schools across NZ and Australia. 67.2% of our cohort also secured a 90th+ percentile UMAT score with 29 students scoring 100th percentile, 57 with 99th percentile and 62 with 98th percentile. Frankly, we are all about results and helping you achieve them.

Anthony Salid - iCanMed Student 2018


iCanMed Student 2018 - Gained Acceptance into Medicine at Monash University

Without the help of Michael and Ashton, I don’t think i could’ve even passed the first of many hurdles on the road to medicine. not only were their educational support in UMAT preparation a huge help, but their ongoing motivational support, which is definitely needed when undertaking such a difficult pursuit, was the perfect mix for keeping me motivated and focused on reaching my goal. Their help also in bringing it all home with the interview was truly invaluable, and i largely owe my place in Monash Medical School to the team at iCanMed.


Your success is our success

In 2017, 70% of iCanMed students achieved an overall UMAT score over 90th percentile or better. A total of 147 places in medical schools across Australia and New Zealand were also awarded to our students. As an education organisation committed to bringing the best support, teaching and advice to every iCanMed student, we would like to show you exactly how we help each and every one of our students.


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