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Success Update:


Medical school offers for the 2018 intake so far

Congratulations to our students who have received offers from Monash, UQ, UNSW, Western Sydney, Adelaide, Flinders, JCU, Griffith, HMP, UWA, Curtin, UoA and Otago!

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Prepare smarter, not harder

This is how people usually prepare for the UMAT.


You start confused

"How do you even prepare the UMAT?"

You do countless practise exams

"Practise makes perfect, right?"


Your marks don't get much better

"Why aren't I getting better?"


You become demotivated

"I'm just terrible at this"


The iCanMed Way


Learn - We Teach

You wouldn't try Advanced Calculus if you didn't know how it worked, right?
The same goes for the UMAT. We teach you the how for every question type, to empower you to identify and understand how to tackle each problem.


Apply - You Try

Now that you've learnt the how it's time to do.
Our course is packed with 800+ questions updated to the 2017 UMAT exam so you can put apply your learning


Identify - We Discover

After practice, coaching and guidance, we help you identify all your mistakes.
'All 800+ of our practice questions come with video worked solutions so you can watch, learn and improve.


Fix and Refine - You Improve

All our courses come with access to our coach via the 24-hour support system and face to face masterclasses to refine your techniques to perfection.

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So you want to be a doctor?

Find the answers to all of your UMAT, interview and medical school questions, given by those who understand the pre-medicine journey best.

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Words from our past students:

Dr. Jeremy Mathan

"The iCanMed UMAT tutor is the best tutor I have ever had and was an individual who goes above and beyond the expectations of a mere tutor and has also been a tremendous mentor, role model and good friend. He has provided me with more support than I would have imagined and in so many different avenues."

Dr. Min Lee

"iCanMed was a great mentor to me, and his courses gave me an edge over students who didn’t. I would highly recommend iCanMed to anyone trying to get into med."

Dr. Jae Hyun Jeong

"The iCanMed coach has been an awesome mentor and tutor throughout the year. Not only does iCanMed aim to give advice at the highest and most accurate standard, but their help is personal and genuine. If I had any concerns or problems with Medicine entry I could go to iCanMed for help thinking that they would always come up with thought out solutions. They are not only a great tutor but are trustworthy friends and their help has been truly appreciated."

Dr. Jin Xu

"I found both iCanMed; the tutor, as well as the course itself to be extremely helpful in allowing me to gain a position in Med school. Throughout the year, they have been such an enthusiastic, approachable and professional source of help whenever I needed. Overall, I would strongly recommend the iCanMed programme for anyone who is seriously considering Medicine as a career option."

Jing Yi Liu

"iCanMed gave me the skills and confidence to walk through UMAT and the interview, into medicine."

Willem Lombard

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend iCanMed to anyone hoping to get into Med. I found the entire preparation very useful and very relevant. Their knowledge of what is required of an applicant in each of these areas is exceptional.” “I also found iCanMed's extensive knowledge of the medical profession, and what is required of practitioners very insightful. On top of the exceptional programmes offered, iCanMed is also very approachable and always willing to help. Do yourself a favour, enrol at iCanMed."

Damien Deng

"After finding myself with roughly only one week to prepare for the UMAT due to a crazy schedule, I was amazed at the progress I made with iCanMed’s UMAT course. The entire course was structured in such a way that I could pick up the lessons where I had left off previously in a quick and painless fashion. I took the MedEntry UMAT course and after doing the UMAT I got 53 percentile in section one and 50 percentile in section two, while my section three score remained high. After going through iCanMed’s program and trying the UMAT again this year I was able to improve on section one by 37 percentiles and section two by 45 percentiles."

Carroll Ching
Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

"The UMAT and interview course at ICANMED has been incredibly useful. I was able to improve my previous UMAT score by 40% and gained confidence in the interviews which before I haven’t had." "The material was clearly organised with set learning objectives. It helped me to develop the mindset and tools to tackle many of the UMAT problems. The courses were also useful for my pursuit of personal development, self-improvement, and critical thinking. Highly recommended for everyone!"

Delani Nawarajan
Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

One thing I feel I can't emphasise enough about iCanMed, is dedication. I know 110% that me getting into medicine was because of iCanMed.

Chinmay Pandit
Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

iCanMed worked closely with us, dispelling false rumours and enabled me to achieve my maximum potential.

Piyumi Lekamlage
Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

iCanMed is an extremely dedicated tutor who has thorough knowledge of the content which is covered in the course. Classes were very engaging as it generated much discussion, and everyone was welcome to ask questions. He has supported me through my journey and encouraged me to never give up and I am extremely thankful for that.

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