The Essential Guide to Becoming a Doctor

Find the answers to all of your UMAT, interview and medical school questions, given by those who understand the pre-medicine journey best.

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Covering the entire pre-medicine journey

This 181-page book is designed to help you understand every step of the preparation process, making it an essential guide on your pre-medicine journey.

UMAT Preparation

  • Strategies for approaching the UMAT 
  • Insights in the 2017 exam
  • Common mistakes and major traps to avoid

Interview Preparation

  • What real interviewers look for in candidates
  • Hidden preparation methods required to stand out
  • The different types of questions asked by medical school interview panels 

Medical School Applications

  • How do you actually apply
  • What requirements do medical schools have?
  • Which school should you go to?

This book provides the answers to all of these questions and more, helping you to successfully navigate all stages of the pre-medicine process so you can truly start on your journey to becoming a medical professional.

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Written By Experts At The Top Of Their Field

For many students, getting into medicine seems like a daunting (or even impossible!) task. That's why we've written this ultimate guide to help you on your pre-medicine journey. It's been written by a team of highly experienced medical educators - individuals with decades of experience in running medical schools, selecting medical candidates and helping medical students to achieve success. Never before have students been given such a massive competitive advantage for getting into medicine.

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Professor David Wilkinson

Professor David Wilkinson

David is an award-winning medical specialist with a wealth of experience in studying medicine and leading medical programs. Besides holding several research doctorate degrees, he has also spent a number of years running and managing medical schools, having served as the Dean of Medicine and Head of the School of Medicine at The University of Queensland between 2006 and 2013. In that time, he led the largest medical degree program in Australia and expanded the program to include multiple entry and study streams. 

David has also held key roles on UMAT and GAMSAT research governance committees, and has published papers addressing medical school selection. With his extensive personal studies and high level of involvement in medical school programs, David is able to offer vast insights into medical life and the medical school entry process.

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Cecile Mcquire

Cecile Mcquire

Cecile is a trained professional in selecting medical candidates and working with medical students at the pre-university and university level. She has worked in university student recruitment for 15 years, and has specialised in medical student recruitment at The University of Queensland since 2007. 

Having seen and interacted with thousands of students at different stages in their medical journey, Cecile has a deep appreciation and knowledge of the struggles and successes that students face when pursuing their medical dreams, as well as the recruitment criteria and processes involved in selecting medical students.

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Michael Tsai

Michael Tsai

Michael is a qualified educator and the co-founder of iCanMed, a specialist coaching company that uses mind-enhancing education practices to help students to excel in the UMAT and interview. He has spent the last 10 years helping more than 400 students get into medical schools across Australia and New Zealand, and frequently travels both countries to give educational seminars to thousands of students. With his experience and insight, Michael understands how to guide and support students through the UMAT and interview so that they can achieve their dreams while avoiding wasted time and effort.


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Students often wonder when they should start preparing for medical school entry. The answer is NOW.
While you could leave preparation to the last minute, disregard critical information about the pre-medicine process, and simply hope for the best (and unfortunately many students do!), this seriously undermines your prospects for a future in medicine. If you are serious about pursuing a medical career, this book is an essential guide to achieving success in the UMAT and interview and coming one step closer to your dream. In order to get ahead of the cohort and maximise your chances of success, secure your copy of the book today.

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