Free Handbook for 2020/21 Medical & Dental Entry (Order Form for Career Advisors)

The Handbook contains 62 pages of UCAT and interview preparation advice, the latest insights, and key dates and selection processes for every direct-entry medical and dental course across Australia and New Zealand.

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About the Handbook:

At iCanMed, we know that the medical application process can be very stressful and confusing.  Many universities have adjusted their selection criteria since the introduction of the UCAT making the lives of students looking medical or dental course in 2020 and 2021 particularly difficult.

In 2019, we helped almost 2,000 students prepare for UCAT and worked with over 100 schools across Australia and New Zealand. Talking to students, parents and schools motivated us to provide information that would best help every aspiring medical and dental students to achieve their goal. 

Therefore, in working towards our mission, we have compiled this Handbook to address the current lack of clear guidance regarding medical entry. We want every student to be appropriately informed as they strive to maximise their chances of gaining entrance into medical or dental school.

The iCanMed Handbook for 2020/21 Medical Entry guide contains everything you need to create, refine and action your plan for medical entry success. The book includes preparation advice, sample questions, infographics, and articles that introduce the UCAT and medical interview and explain how to study for them efficiently and effectively. In addition, a comprehensive and updated outline of the entry criteria, subject prerequisites and application processes used by medical schools in Australia and New Zealand is included.





  • What is the UCAT?

  • Sample UCAT Questions & Explanations

  • How to study for the UCAT

  • How can I master the steps for solving UCAT questions?

  • Are speed and accuracy both necessary?

  • How many practice questions should I do?

  • How can I get the most out of practice tests?

  • How many hours do I need to spend on UCAT preparation?

  • What are the three stages of UCAT preparation?

  • How much time should I spend on each stage?

  • When should I start to prepare for the UCAT?

  • Will I forget what I studied if I start too early?

  • Is it ever too early to start?


  • Full list of selection criteria & key dates for 2020 entry - for every direct entry med and dent program in Australia (Domestic and International)

  • Subject pre-requisites for all of the above programs

  • Known changes to selection criteria for 2021


  • What does the interview actually assess?

  • How can I improve my interview responses?

  • Which traits are interviewers actually looking for?

  • Types of interview formats

  • Sample interview questions

  • Interview preparation: the do's and don'ts

  • What to do during interview preparation


  • *Invitation to our newly-developed learning management system, where students can attempt a mini-mock exam that looks and feels like the official UCAT test (plus over 190 mins of video tutorials to teach them how to solve each question)

  • iCanMed course information

Order Your Free Copies Now:

Feel free to order as many copies of the Handbook as you require. We have already received orders of 40 to 60 copies per school to be kept in the school library and office, or given to all interested students and parents.

Handbook drop-off dates (earliest dates to receive handbooks):

  • Melbourne - 14/10

  • Sydney - 21/10

  • Perth - 28/10

  • Brisbane - TBA (but please place order regardless)

  • Adelaide - 4/11

  • Auckland - 16/10 & 17/10

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iCanMed is all about making sure that students receive the best advice, recommendations and strategies for UCAT preparation. With over 1000 past students currently studying medicine across medical schools in NZ and Australia, as well as a team of assessment writers, educators and former medical school selectors, learning about the UCAT and gaining acceptance has never been this straightforward.