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Only upon payment will we secure your place for the interview masterclass. Payment is non-refundable but can be transferred to another student at the purchaser’s discretion. Please consider carefully before purchasing the course.

By purchasing your Interview Masterclass, you agree with all terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy linked below. Furthermore, we will not tolerate any abusive, misleading or non-constructive comments given by any user. All offenders will have their accounts terminated. In terms of intellectual property, you also agree to NOT TO:

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Breaching any of the conditions included in the links below will lead to automatic termination of the user’s webinar account, course account, as well as legal prosecution. You will also receive an automatic invoice of AUD $200,000 for which you are required to pay within 5 business days if you screenshot or screen record any part of the crash course webinar.

Terms and conditions: https://learn.icanmed.co/terms

Privacy policy: https://learn.icanmed.co/privacy-polic

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