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    As a qualified team of educators, assessment writers and interviewers with over 10 years of pre-med coaching experience (and close to 1,000 students studying medicine and dentistry in NZ and Australia), we know what works, what doesn’t, and what should be avoided at all costs.

Question: How does iCanMed design its super-effective courses?

Answer: With an unrivalled attention to detail.

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First things first: How UCAT preparation actually works

Before we dive into preparation strategies, let’s first take a step back and try to understand the nature of the UCAT exam. According to the official UCAT website, the name of the test (‘UCAT’) stands for ‘University Clinical Aptitude Test’; according to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word ‘aptitude’ refers to ‘a natural ability or skill’. Therefore, since the UCAT is a skills-based test, it makes sense that learning, applying and refining the skills being assessed is necessary in order to beat it.

So what is the best way to prepare? Ideally, students should prepare for the UCAT in the same way they prepare for other skills-based subjects, such as math. By first being taught and learning the complete sets of skills needed, then promoting the mindful application of these skills through practice, and finally improving accuracy and speed by eliminating weaknesses and mistakes. iCanMed’s UCAT Pro Course with its comprehensive curriculum has been specifically designed to help you successfully prepare for the UCAT by adhering to the above steps. This is something that mock exams, question banks, and question books alone frankly can’t achieve.

This is why over 1,700 students across Australia and New Zealand have enrolled in iCanMed courses for help with UCAT preparation in the 2019 UCAT season alone.

iCanMed’s Key Differences!


(ACCESS ENDS 31/7/2020 [1-Yr Course] OR 31/7/2021 [2-Yr Course])

The iCanMed UCAT Pro Course contains 1000+ practice questions covering all question types found in the UCAT 2019 exam (updated yearly), 1000+ video tutorials to teach you the best ways to answer each question, 4 simulated mock exams under the same conditions as the real test, and unlimited one-on-one feedback from the UCAT head coach via our support system.

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1000+ full practice questions, professionally written to reflect the content of the latest UCAT exam.

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1000+ teaching tutorials, each 5-15 minutes long, to help you learn proven methods for answering questions and identifying mistakes. Check out sample video tutorials here.

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Unlimited one-on-one feedback to help you understand every step of the solving process and boost your accuracy and speed on your next attempt. Our coach supports you from the day you enrol to the day of the test, and guarantees a maximum 24-hour turnaround time for every question you ask. This is the only service of its kind in the UCAT industry.


Under the UCAT Pro Course, students receive a total of 22 hours of intensive face-to-face coaching from Ashton Sheares, iCanMed’s UCAT head coach. For students who purchase the 2-Year UCAT Pro Course, they will receive a total of 44 hours of face-to-face coaching (i.e., 2 years worth of masterclasses)

Masterclass 1 is a two-day, 14-hour workshop that teaches the step-by-step processes for solving 70 questions, which cover all question types found in the 2019 exam. An expertly compiled workbook is also provided in order for students to attempt the techniques they have learned and identify personal weaknesses during the course of the workshop. Ashton provides immediate, customised feedback to correct any mistakes or misconceptions.

Within just two days, students learn every technique needed to solve all UCAT questions, and they also have their issues identified and fixed. Talk about a great way to save time, jumpstart your preparation and get ahead of the competition!

**Masterclass 1 streams run in Dec 2019/20, Jan 2020/21, Feb 2020/21, March 2020/21 and April 2020/21 in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Masterclass 1 streams run in Jan 2020/21 and May 2020/21 in Auckland. Masterclass 1 streams run in May 2020/21 in Dunedin

Masterclass 2 is a one-day, 8-hour workshop that focuses on exam performance by addressing all issues faced by students when attempting our online mock exams through personalised feedback on their performance. In addition, masterclass 2 also provides final refinement strategies to help boost accuracy to 100% and speed to levels required by the test’s stringent time limits (28 seconds, 64 seconds, 40 seconds, 14 seconds and 22 seconds per question for Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively). Masterclass 2 represents the last sprint to the finish line: it helps students to perform confidently and to the best of their abilities on the big day.

**Masterclass 2 runs in the first two weeks of July 2020/21, during the school/university holidays and shortly before UCAT exams


(ACCESS ENDS 28/2/2021 [1-Yr Course] OR 28/2/2022 [2-Yr Course])

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receive Marking schemes, latest interview questions, MODEL responses

Collaborating with former and current interviewers has helped us to create the ultimate online course for getting into the mind of an interviewer. Learn what they look for in top candidates and how you can become one!

The course includes 200+ of the most recently-asked interview questions, as well as a specialist focus on all interview formats and question types for every direct-entry program in NZ and Australia.

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CREATe AUTHENTIC Medical applications that stand out from the crowd

Several universities require medical and dental candidates to submit a personal application addressing key questions as part of their selection criteria.

Overlooking the importance of applications (and starting too late!) is a common reason why students, despite achieving top academic and UCAT (previously UMAT) results, fail to be selected for an interview. It is critical that you are able to stand out!

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Learn high school/uni subjects better than you ever thought possible

One of the top questions we receive from students is “How do I balance UCAT preparation with normal study?” The answer: improve your study techniques so that you can learn more in less time (giving you more time to focus on the UCAT).

Obtain the learning hacks designed to drastically improve medical students’ memory and absorption of information within the structure of a simple weekly routine.


67.2% of iCanMed’s 2018 cohort achieved a 90+ percentile in the UMAT (now UCAT) exam. 29 students scored in the 100th percentile, 57 students scored in the 99th percentile and 62 students scored in the 98th percentile. In 2018, our students received 324 medical school and dental school offers across Australia and NZ!



“I failed to get in straight out of school.”

“A friend who used iCanMed recommended it and so, I called Michael. His knowledge and experience about what would give me the greatest odds of getting in gave me the confidence I needed to take a gap year. The differences with iCanMed were that they were direct, logical and structured. They made the UMAT and interview preparation straightforward and simple as the next step always made sense.” 

“Now the year is up, and I can proudly say I’m undertaking the medicine degree at the University of Adelaide and it’s all thanks to Michael and the iCanMed team.”


“I think iCanMed was the key to my success in both the UMAT and interview. The way Michael and Ashton broke down the UMAT into simple videos that were easy to understand yet were packed with information, alongside the many practice questions really provided me with the edge i needed to pass the UMAT and also pass all sections! Next came the interview and the iCanMed interview course they provided was structured and precise and gave the exact information I needed to secure a first round un-bonded offer to UWA! I can't thank the team enough at iCanMed and definitely will recommend them to anyone considering medicine as a career!”




”The highly structured Pro Course and the student-centred community at iCanMed were invaluable in helping me gain entry into my dream course. I found the video lessons to be an efficient and relaxing way for learning the crucial techniques in answering every single question type. Similarly, the video solutions made for a clear and easy way for both reviewing the countless variety of questions for each question type and honing in our skills. The iCanMed team ensured that no stone was left unturned in my learning process and provided support that was extremely well-tailored to my individual needs.”

[Rae received a offer to study dentistry at the University of Queensland]


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