Practice Question Set 2

Some computers contain audio packs.

Some audio packs can cause neuralgia.

Some forms of neuralgia are not caused by audio packs.


Q1. Based on the information above, which of the following statements could be true?

A.      No forms of neuralgia are caused by audio packs

B.      No audio packs are contained in computers

C.       No computers cause neuralgia

D.      All audio packs cause neuralgia


Q2. Which of the following statements must be false?

A.      All audio packs will not cause neuralgia

B.      Audio packs are contained in all computers

C.       All forms of neuralgia are caused by audio packs

D.      Some forms of neuralgia are caused by computer usage


Q3 Find the next in sequence.

2 3.png


Q4 Find the middle of the sequence.

2 4.png


The following passage is taken from a short story. Lisabeth is a dog lover, but her husband Frank insists that they cannot get a dog because it’s too expensive. However, after hearing about a rescue dog named Owen, she decides to adopt him and bring him home. In the following passage, Lisabeth braces herself for a scolding.


Frank was  sitting on the left side of the couch, holding a bottle of Bud Light. Owen  was sitting beside him, his Yankee scarf showing the interlocking insignia,  the two of them watching the game. Frank had his hand on the scarf as if it  were some kind of lucky charm.

“So,” he  said, “you went ahead and did it?” He was glowering at her, but his look  softened when he turned to Owen, who was staring straight ahead at the TV as  if there were a steak inside of it.

“They won,”  said Frank, his hand scratching Owen’s ears. It looked like they did this  every night. Owen seemed to relax, sniffing Frank’s hand. Jeez, Lisabeth  thought, they even sort of look alike.

“Where did  he come from?” Frank said, a question more than an accusation.

“North  Carolina,” she said tentatively, almost in a whisper. There was a long pause  as Frank regarded the beagle, who looked right back at him.

“He hopped  up onto the sofa, and Rivera got a strikeout, just like that,” Frank said.  “Then he looked at the set again, and Rivera got another strikeout. Till  then, I thought the game was over.”

Owen yawned,  then curled up in a ball right next to Frank, and promptly fell asleep.

“What’s his  name?” he asked.

“Jeter,” she  said. “I named him Jeter.”

Frank  smiled, then laughed, ruffling Jeter’s ears.

“Jeter.  That’s a good name for a dog,” he said. “A scrapper. A winner.”

Jeter opened  his eyes and looked at him, his tail thumping against the couch.

“I’ll get  you some biscuits,” he said, “every time we hit a home run or win.”

Jeter lifted  his head at the word “biscuits.”

Frank  scratched Jeter’s head, behind his right ear. “We can watch the games  together,” he said.

He took the  battered old Yankee cap off his head and put it on Jeter, who licked the  brim, his long ears sticking out beneath the hat. He smiled at Lisabeth.

“Nice dog,”  he said.


(Extract taken from Yankee Dog by Jon Katz)


Q5. From the beginning to the end of the passage, Lisabeth feels

A.      Anxious and then confused

B.      Surprised and then delighted

C.       Nervous and then relieved

D.      Baffled and then pleased


Q6. How might Frank have reacted to Jeter if the Yankees had lost?

A.      He would still be fond of Jeter and allow him to stay

B.      He would have yelled at Lisabeth and told her to return the dog

C.       He would allow Jeter to stay but refuse to help out with pet-related maintenance or expenses

D.      It is impossible to guess based on the information in the passage

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