Practice Question Set 4

After the hairdresser near his house closes down, Charlie visits a different hairdresser. After considering their four hairstyle options carefully, he decides to select a less expensive option than the one he originally had in mind.

The sign outside the hairdresser reads:

  • A bowl cut is cheaper than a mohawk

  • A military hairstyle is not as cheap as a bowl cut or a full shave

  • Our cheapest hairstyle is $34.99

  • Our most expensive hairstyle is $289.99

Q1. Which of the four hairstyles did Charlie originally have in mind?

A.      A mohawk

B.      A mohawk or a military hairstyle

C.       A mohawk, a military hairstyle or a full shave

D.      A mohawk, a military hairstyle, a full shave or a bowl cut


Q2. Based on the information above, how much did Charlie spend on his haircut?

A.      $34.99

B.      $289.99

C.      More than $34.99 but less than $289.99

D.      Cannot be determined


Q3. Find the missing image.

4 3.png


The following passage is taken from a short story. Sally is nineteen years old and provides accommodation for American soldiers. She attends a wedding and sees groomsman Brad Jenkins, a young man whose wife has abandoned him and their two children. In this passage, Brad drives past Sally and offers her a lift.


A  dirty-blond head appeared at the window. ‘Want a lift?’

‘No thanks,’  she called, still twenty yards off. ‘I’m walking.’

‘You’ll get  drenched,’ the voice told her. ‘Gunna be a storm.’

When she  came level she saw who it was. She might not have recognised him without the  blue suit and groomsman’s bow tie, but it was him all right. Same unruly head  of hair, same look of broad-faced amusement.

‘That’s all  right,’ she told him. ‘I’ll risk it.’

He looked at  her, his eyes laughing. ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘suit yourself. We don’t mind, do  we, Lou?’

She saw then  that there was a child in the back, a boy about four years old, and a baby  strapped in beside him and slumped sideways, sleeping.

‘No,’ the  boy shouted, ‘we don’t mind. We got ourselves, eh?’ He laughed and repeated  it. It was a formula.

‘That’s  right,’ the man said.

‘Hi,’ said  Sally, ducking her head to be on a level with the boy.

‘Hi,’ the  boy said, suddenly shy.

They looked  at one another for a moment, then he said, shouting: ‘Hey, why don’t you ride  with us? We’re not goin’ far.’

‘Where?’ she  asked, ‘where are you going?’

‘Anywhere!  We’re ridin’ the baby. She likes it, it stops ‘er screamin’. We just ride ‘er  and she stops. Anywhere we like. All over. We like havin’ people ride with  us, don’t we, Brad?’

‘Sometimes,’  the man said. ‘It depends.’

‘We like  girls,’ the boy shouted.

The first  drops of rain began to fall. They bounced in big splashes off the roof of the  car.

‘All right,’  Sally said, ‘I’ll ride with you for a bit,’ and she ran round the back of the  car and got in.

‘Well,’ he  said to the boy, ‘we got lucky, eh?’

‘We did,’  the boy crowed, ‘this time we got lucky.’

‘Brad  Jenkins,’ the man told her, starting the car up. ‘And that’s Lou and Mandy.’

‘I’m four,’  the boy announced, ‘an’ Mandy’s one. Nearly. Our mum ran off an’ left us.  He’s our dad.’

She looked  at the man. Oh Delilah, that mouth! she thought. He lifted an eyebrow and  gave a slow grin. ‘Reuters,’ he said, ‘all the news as soon as it happens.  That’s enough, eh, Lou? We don’t want to give away allour secrets.’

(Extract taken from Sally’s Story by David Malouf)


Q4. How does Sally feel towards Brad?

A.      bothered but safe

B.      Sympathetic to his situation

C.       Attracted but slightly doubtful

D.      Suspicious but impressed by his family skills


Q5. Which statement best describes Lou’s attitude towards being abandoned by his mother?

A.      He is compensating for the loss of his mother by seeking to form attachments to others

B.      He believes that he and Brad are fine on their own

C.       He is completely indifferent towards his mother’s departure

D.      He is resentful towards his mother for abandoning him


Q6. Find the middle of the sequence.

4 6.png

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