Practice Question Set 5

In the diagram below, the first box scale is balanced and the second box scale is unbalanced.

5 1.png


Question 1 This diagram suggests that:

A.      The rectangular item is heavier than the circular item and the diamond-shaped item combined

B.      The circular item is not significantly heavier than the diamond-shaped item

C.       The diamond-shaped item is more than half the weight of the circular item

D.      The rectangular item is twice the weight of the circular item


Question 2

Which of the following actions would make the second box scale balance?

A.      Replace a circular item in the left box with two diamond-shaped items

B.      Move the diamond-shaped item to the left box

C.       Add a circular item to the left box

D.      Swap the diamond-shaped item in the right box with a circular item in the left box


Question 3 Find the middle of the sequence.

5 3.png


The following passage is taken from a play. John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth live on a farm with their children. They once had a servant, Mary Warren, but Elizabeth fired her and sent her to Salem after discovering that Mary was having an affair with her husband. In this passage, John and Elizabeth have dinner.

John: It’s well seasoned.

Elizabeth: I took great care. She’s tender?

John: Aye. I think we’ll see green fields  soon. It’s warm as blood beneath the clods.

Elizabeth: That’s well.

John: If the crop is good I’ll buy George  Jacob’s heifer. How would that please you?

Elizabeth: Aye, it would.

John: I mean to please you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I know it, John.

John: Cider?


John: This farm’s a continent when you go  foot by foot droppin’ seeds in it.

Elizabeth: It must be.

John: You ought to bring some flowers in the  house.

Elizabeth: Oh, I forgot! I will tomorrow.

John: It’s winter in here yet. On Sunday let  you come with me, and we’ll walk the farm together; I never see such a load  of flowers on the earth. Lilacs have a purple smell. Lilac is the smell of  nightfall, I think. Massachusetts is a beauty in the spring! [There  is a pause.] I think you’re sad again. Are you?

Elizabeth: You come so late I thought you’d gone  to Salem this afternoon.

John: Why? I have no business in Salem.

Elizabeth: You did speak of going, earlier this  week.

John: I thought better of it since.

Elizabeth: Mary Warren’s there today.

John: Why’d you let her? You heard me forbid  her go to Salem any more!

Elizabeth: I couldn’t stop her.

John: It is a fault, it is a fault,  Elizabeth – you’re the mistress here, not Mary Warren.

Elizabeth: She frightened all my strength away.

 (Extract adapted from The Crucible by Arthur Miller, p51-53)


Question 4

Elizabeth speaks to John in a way that most strongly suggests:

A.      A little carelessness and amusement

B.      Strong resentment and anger

C.       Some uneasiness and a desire to please

D.      Satisfaction with her husband’s good behaviour


Question 5

What does John think of Elizabeth?

A.      She is an attentive and considerate housewife and mother

B.      She is a good wife, but lacks passion and strength

C.       She is forgetful and does not manage the house well

D.      She has been very forgiving of his past mistakes

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