Practice Question Set 6

Question 1

A substitute teacher keeps a record of the classes she has taught during 2010.

This table suggests that:

A.      The highest average compensation received was $24 per class

B.      The substitute teacher would have received more compensation if she had taught more Chemistry classes instead of Mathematics classes

C.       The substitute teacher received $18 or more in compensation per class for at least three English classes

D.      None of the above can be confirmed by the table.


Question 2 Find the missing.

Question 3 Find the middle of the sequence.

6 3.png



The following passage is taken from a novel. Jim Saddler, Ashley Crowther and Imogen Harcourt all live on the Queensland coast. Ashley hires Jim to observe and record the activities of the bird life on his property. One day, while watching a sandpiper, Jim notices a middle-aged woman taking photographs of the bird. In this passage, he visits her to ask about the photograph.

‘Anyone home?’ he called.

There was a voice from somewhere within, but so far  off that it seemed to be replying from the depths of a house several times  larger than this one, a deep hallway leading to cool, richly furnished rooms.

‘Who is it?’ An English voice.

‘Me,’ he replied foolishly, as a child would; then  added in a deeper voice, ‘Jim Saddler. I work for Mr Crowther.’

‘Come on in,’ the voice invited, ‘I’ll be with you  in just a moment. I’m in the dark-room.’

He stepped across a broken board, pushed the door  and went in. It was clean enough, the kitchen, but bare: a scrubbed table and  one chair, cups on hooks, a wood stove in a corrugated iron alcove.  Wood-chunks, newspapers, a coloured calendar.

‘I can’t come for a bit,’ the voice called. ‘Take a  seat.’

He examined the calendar. Pictures of English  countryside. Turning the leaves back to January, then forward again through  the year. Minutes passed.

‘There!’ she said, and come out pinning a little  gold watch to the tucked bodice of her blouse. She was a big, round-faced  woman, and the grey curls now that he saw them without the bonnet looked  woollen, they might have been a wig.

‘Jim Saddler,’ he said again, rising.

She offered her hand, which was still damp where she  had just dried it, and they shook. Her handshake, he thought, was firmer than  his. At least, it was to begin with.

‘Imogen Harcourt. Would you like tea?’

‘Thanks,’ he said, ‘if it’s no trouble.’

He wondered about the one chair.

‘I’ve come about that sandpiper,’ he said straight  out. ‘I seen you taking a picture of it.’

‘Did you?’

‘Yes I did. I work for Ashley Crowther, Mister Crowther, I’m his bird man. I  keep lists – ’ He was shy of making too much of it and made too little. He  could never bring himself to say the word that might have properly explained.

‘I know,’ she admitted, swinging back to face him  with the filled kettle in her hand. ‘I’ve seen you. I saw you yesterday.’

‘Did you?’ he said foolishly, not being used to  that; to being seen. ‘Well then,’  he said, ‘we’re more or less on terms.’

She laughed. ‘More or less. Do you take milk?’

(Extract adapted from Fly Away Peter by David Malouf, p23-25)


Question 4

Which of the following statements best describes Jim’s impression of Imogen?

A.       He thinks that she is quite intimidating for such an old woman

B.       He thinks that she is fascinating and that she shares his interest in birds

C.       He thinks that she is nice and self-assured

D.      He thinks that she is friendly and observant


Question 5

‘He was shy of making too much of it and made too little’ (line 27).

Why is Jim shy about his work?

A.       He is enthusiastic about the work he does, but is afraid of overstating the importance of his job

B.       He thinks that Imogen would despise him for having such an easygoing job

C.       He thinks that observing and recording animal behaviour is not a very important job

D.      He doesn’t want to bore Imogen with a long description of his work activities

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