Practice Question Set 1

A group of primary school students go on an excursion to the zoo. Their teacher allows them to explore the zoo on their own, but only as long as they follow these restrictions:

1.       They must visit all 6 of the zoo’s exhibits (tigers, giraffes, elephants, zebras, turtles and emus) exactly once

2.       They must visit the elephants sometime before the tigers but after the giraffes

3.       After visiting one exhibit, they cannot next visit another exhibit starting with the same letter as the previous exhibit

4.       Tigers cannot be the last exhibit they visit

5.       They must visit the zebras immediately before or after the giraffes


Q1. How many different orders are there in which the students can visit the exhibits?

a)      Three

b)     Four

c)      Five

d)     Six


Q2. If a student visits the elephant third, each of the following could be true EXCEPT

a)      They visit the zebra first

b)     They visit the turtle fifth

c)      They visit the tiger fourth

d)     They visit the giraffe second


Q3 Find the Missing

1 3.png


Q4 Find the Middle

1 4.png


The following passage is taken from a novel. Lori is a busy wife, mother and community volunteer. Her father-in-law is preparing to marry Amelia, and therefore both Lori and her husband Bill are busy with the wedding arrangements. Bill’s aunts Honoria and Charlotte (the ‘Harpies’) also offer to help out. In this passage, Bill and Lori discuss the wedding plans.


‘If the  Harpies are rude to you,’ he declared, ‘I’ll strangle them.’

‘I should  hope so,’ I said lightly, but one glance at my husband’s thunderous  expression told me that he was not in the mood for levity. ‘What brought your  aunts to mind?’

‘A phone  call from Father,’ he replied. ‘Honoria and Charlotte will be arriving at  Fairworth House on Monday.’

‘Monday?’ I  said, my heart sinking. ‘Why so soon?’

‘They say they’re coming early to help  Amelia with the wedding, but you and I know they’ll do nothing but nitpick  and nag.’ Bill laughed bitterly. ‘I wouldn’t put it past them to spend the  next three weeks trying to talk Father out of marrying Amelia.’

‘Fat  chance,’ I said scornfully.

‘“An artist in the family,’” said Bill,  mimicking Honoria’s penetrating nasal drawl. ‘“What on earth were you thinking, William? We could understand  it if she dabbled. Everyone dabbles. But she sells her paintings. For money.  My dear, it simply isn’t done!”’

‘They  wouldn’t be stupid enough to talk like that in front of your father, would  they?’ I asked incredulously.

‘I almost  wish they would,’ said Bill. ‘It’d be a treat to watch Father kick them out  of Fairworth.’

‘If they  spout off about Amelia, he will,’ I said. ‘And they won’t be able to stay  with us because we don’t have a guest room anymore.’


(Extract taken from Aunt Dimity and the Summer King by Nancy Atherton, p4-5)


Q5. What does Bill think of Aunt Honoria and Aunt Charlotte?

a)      He thinks they are afraid that the wedding will go badly

b)     He respects their concerns, but doesn’t like the way they express them to others

c)      He dislikes their critical comments and unkind treatment of others

d)     He thinks that they are stupid for not realising that Amelia loves his father


Q6. In the middle of the passage, Lori is feeling

a)      Disbelieving

b)     Furious

c)      Amused

d)     Shocked


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