iCanMed Free UCAT Lessons

Welcome to our series of free UCAT lessons! It’s great to have you here and we look forward to working towards UCAT success together with you.

Follow along with Ashton, our Head of Learning, as he breaks down questions from each section of the UCAT and teaches the step-by-step techniques for solving them.

Aptitude tests like the UCAT assess your skills and abilities. To master any skill, you need to become familiar with the process it involves, and then practice that skill so you can perform it efficiently and effectively. Therefore, these videos provide a detailed explanation of the techniques that are currently being used by students on our course, and they will help you to develop the skills you need to answer any UCAT question.

**Disclaimer: we don’t expect you to spend this long on each question! It takes time to teach and learn concepts, especially new or complex concepts. These videos are for teaching purposes, so we take extra time to go through the techniques in detail. Once you’ve learned the techniques, you definitely won’t need to spend more than a few minutes on each question.

Practice makes perfect - but you first need to know what you’re practicing, which is why we provide clear and extensive videos to explain the technique for each question type.