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The UCAT Classroom

Step 1: Learn How to Solve Section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 UCAT Questions

Ashton, iCanMed’s Co-founder, takes the opportunity to teach you the essential steps to solve UCAT questions correctly and accurately. Watch the introductory video below before proceeding to download a questions worksheet. Attempt the worksheet under timed conditions, then watch the five lessons to learn how to solve each of the questions. Remember, practice makes perfect only when you are familiarising yourself with techniques that work!

Step 2: Attempt a Mini-Mock Exam & Review Video Solutions

Now that you’ve learnt how to solve UCAT questions give yourself a challenge by attempting a fully-timed mini mock exam on our learning management system! The mini-mock exam contains 34 questions that have been carefully adapted to be the same length, difficulty and style as the most recent UCAT exams. Furthermore, the exam is held on iCanMed’s custom-built platform that mimics the UCAT test-day experience, covering the same timing, format and functionality. 

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