How does the course work?


The iCanMed UCAT course is designed by professional and experienced learning designers who specialised in providing the smoothest combination of tools, resources and support to help students get UCAT under their belt in the quickest time possible. 

1 x Masterclass 1 This 2-day face-to-face teaching workshop provides an excellent opportunity to jumpstart your UCAT preparation. Not only will you be taught the specific step-by-step process to answer every single one of the 14 question types across the five sections found in the 2020/2021 exam (that we’ve perfected over the last four years), but also have the opportunity to apply each of these newly taught techniques to a total of 70 updated questions. As you apply these newly taught techniques, you have the opportunity to identify each of the ultra-specific mistakes unique to your weaknesses in solving questions. Finding these mistakes is the best way for you to become aware of what your personalised issues are so that you can immediately target and fix these problems. The masterclass will save you a lot of preparation time and provide a personalised roadmap to know what to look out for as you continue the process of refining your techniques.

1 x Masterclass 2 This 1-day face-to-face teaching workshop teaches students the unique strategies of how they can attempt each of the five sections in the most efficient order. Some complex UCAT questions are worth less than other UCAT questions that are much more straightforward to solve. Knowing how to distribute your time and put yourself in the best position to score as many ‘easy’ questions correctly puts students in a great position to have more time on their hands for the harder and longer questions but also maintain positivity throughout the entire exam. Knowing which question types to skip first is also what will help students maintain composure and focus, so that maximum scoring potential is maintained throughout the two-hour exam.

Online UCAT Course – Unlike any other question bank, our online course is a fully-designed course that guides you through a curriculum designed to help students learn the fundamentals of UCAT preparation and then to skillfully scale that preparation into a result that is genuinely exam-ready. Instead of bouncing around different sections and never fully grasping the techniques behind each question type, the online course makes sure you master each question type before you move onto the next. The online course contains teaching lessons, worksheets for you to diagnose and fix your unique weaknesses, as well as 2500+ questions updated and adapted from the 20120/2021 UCAT exam AND 2500+ 5-15min video solutions that show you, as a math teacher would on the whiteboard, how to solve every single question flawlessly. iCanMed is the only UCAT preparation organisation that has dissected questions and teaches techniques to this specific-level of detail, which is why 71% of all students who scored 96th percentile or above in 2020 UCAT ANZ were iCanMed students.

Full Mock Exams – The Pro Course contains FIVE full mock exams that mimic the test day experience in every way. Our custom platform operates like the real exam where the timer, question layout, styling and functionality is reproduced. After attempting each mock exam, you will be provided video solutions for every question, as well as tools and data that help you isolate which particular question needs more work! Feedback has never been easy, and the test-day experience has never been more accessible. 

24-Hour Unlimited Feedback Promise (better than one-on-tutoring) – As qualified educators, we understand that every student learns in different ways and at different paces. Therefore, providing personalised learning is of our utmost priority. Our support system encourages you to ask whatever and however many questions (or even submit in your notes and working sheets for checking) as you would like on our learning platform and our teaching team will respond with a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. The support system allows us to identify your problems very quickly and fix them so that you can learn according to your priorities. The top students ask us questions on an almost day-to-day basis in the comfort of their own home without adding more to the busy lifestyle. We encourage every student to ask our coaches to help them to remove all reasons for achieving anything less than the best results. 

31 x Online Progress Webinars – Our masterclasses and online learning curriculum are designed to give students the most comprehensive understanding of the UCAT test itself and more importantly how to answer these questions accurately as well as with speed. The online tutorials will complement these features by making sure that students are on the right track at every step of the way. With every tutorial, we will be addressing the common points of procrastination and mistakes to save you time and effort as you make progress in your UCAT prep.  


Besides doing well in the UCAT, students also need to focus on other critical assessment criteria to achieve entrance in medicine and dentistry. Our three additional courses help students overcome the barriers of success in the interview, application process and school/uni grades. 

Online Interview Course – Your knowledge is displayed in your ATAR, and your logical reasoning and evidence-based decision making are shown in your UCAT. The interview is where you can express your personality, motivations and empathy. But, there is a particular way in which you need to express these facets. This course will go through the specific methods and techniques that you will need to know to show off your attributes in the way that med/dent schools will be impressed. The course includes 200+ questions asked in medical and dental interviews in the last three years and offers resources for topics such as rural health, and contentious questions that students need to master. Furthermore, exemplars are also provided for students to know what highly-scoring responses need to include. 

Online Written Application Course Some universities will require written applications and this course will show you the ins and outs of how to best express yourself in a way that is very specific to the attributes that med/dent schools are looking for in their future candidates. It is vital to make your applications count to provide the universities with the correct impression to offer you interview opportunities. Exemplars include past successful applications to steer your way in writing your top-notch application.

Online Study Techniques Course – Your UCAT is important, but so is the ATAR. This course will show you the most effective and efficient study techniques that you will need to achieve the ATAR/university score that med/dent schools want. Critical study skills concerning memory retention, self-diagnosis and exam strategy alignment will help make your year of studying at school and university that much easier.  

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