Lesson 2: How Does UCAT Scoring Work? What Is a Competitive Result?

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Lulu Lancer
Lulu Lancer
3 years ago

there are 29 questions in DM. Not 39.

Ashton Sheares
Ashton Sheares
3 years ago
Reply to  Lulu Lancer

Hi Lulu, Thanks for asking that question, I can clear up where the 39 comes from. You are indeed correct because Decision Making has 29 questions in total, however there are 39 marks. This is because 10 of those questions are worth 2 marks – these are the 5 YES/NO statement questions. If you get all 5 YES/NO statements correct, you obtain 2 marks for that question. 1 mark is available for partially correct responses but UCAT does now delve into detail on how many of the 5 YES/NO statements questions you need to get correct in order to obtain… Read more »

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