Guidelines for replying emails from students/parents

As an iCanMed team member, it is likely that you will regularly receive emails from students and parents (including some who are already enrolled in the course, and some who haven’t purchased yet).

Here are some guiding principles to follow when responding to such emails:

  • Is the student/parent already enrolled in our course? (can check in ActiveCampaign)
    • If not, forward them on to Ray so that he can respond to them and try to make a sale. (If you are able to, also provide Ray with the answer to their question/problem when you forward it to him, so that he has the information he needs to respond to them and make the sale as quickly as possible)
  • Are they asking a very technical, UCAT-related question? (e.g. asking about key functional words, sub-vocalisation, glossary, etc.)
    • If yes, forward them to Ashton and ask him if he is OK to follow up with them
  • Are they asking 

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