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Interview Pro Course + One Day Workshop

Everything you need to succeed. The online course, + access to our face-to-face workshops


Access closes 28/2/2018

1 year access to full online course + full-day face-to-face coaching

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One day workshop dates 

Limited to 30 students per workshop, so make sure you book quick!

Perth (15/11) - 9am to 5pm: Pilbara Room, State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis St

Brisbane (17/11) - 9am to 5pm: Jupiter Room, Annerley Hall, 8 Waldheim Street, Annerley,

Auckland (19/11) - 9am to 5pm: Betty Wark Room, Ellen Melville Centre, 1 Freyberg Place, Auckland Central, Auckland 1000

Melbourne (22/12) - 9am to 5pm: Multicultural Hub, 405 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD 

Sydney (30/12) - 9am to 5pm: TCP Training, 428 George St, Sydney CBD

Adelaide (24/11) - 9am to 5pm: Room 4, Thebarton Community Centre,  South Rd & Ashwin Parade

Interview Pro Online Course

The entire online Interview course, with nearly 100 lessons breaking down the Interview


Access until 28/2/2018

1 year access to full online course

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All iCanMed Interviews Courses Come With

6 full modules, 1 resource bank

Step-by-step teaching to how to analyse every type of interview question, create amazing content, adopt great structure and deliver high-scoring answers every time.

24 hour support

Nothing is harder than trying to learn something without the right support. That's why we've got your back - whenever you need.

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Full Course Breakdown

The iCanMed Difference

Ten years down the track and with 400+ students studying medicine and dentistry across Australia and New Zealand, iCanMed has created the perfect course for every busy student. All of our courses are designed to achieve four key outcomes to ensure learning success.



Scoring top interview marks should be the goal of any student.

iCanMed spent the past decade perfecting the best combination of innovation teaching, proven strategies and updated resources to help students beat the interview.

Preparation has never been more complete.



Whether you are in the final year of high school or studying at university, there is never enough time to get everything done.

Simply put, time is precious.

All our courses are designed to give students maximum results with minimum time investment.



iCanMed talked to hundreds of past interview candidates about what they would've loved during preparation: ongoing support.

Students wanted the freedom to ask questions and receive feedback anytime.

You asked, iCanMed delivered.



Students learn at different paces.

Our courses are structured for students to learn progressively or in focused chunks.

No matter how busy the student life becomes, iCanMed provides easily-adaptive help that works for you.

Why Our Course Works

"...such an invaluable experience..."

Dr Jeremy Mathan

Dr Jeremy Mathan

I also attended iCanMed interview workshop and it was such an invaluable experience not only for university interviews, but also learning how to communicate effectively and say what you want to, with the desired effect and maximum impact.

"...gave me the confidence to give it my best"

Dr Jin Xu

Dr Jin Xu

The interview workshops really assisted me in gaining an insight into the specific requirements of the Med interview: i.e. the type of questions and how to approach them, background readings, the interviewee’s attitude, posture, choice of diction, etc. Before the interview I had minimal idea of how I was going to tackle this interview, but Michael really gave me the confidence to give it my best. But what I really enjoyed or would recommend even more than the actually content, is Michael. Throughout the year, he has been such an enthusiastic, approachable and professional source of help whenever I needed. willing to wake up early or go home late so that he could help me work on my weaknesses. This truly touched me, that even without being the actual contestant for Med himself, he has really put in 100 percent effort in assisting his peers.

"...gave me the skills and confidence to walk through the interview..."

Dr Jing Yi Liu

Dr Jing Yi Liu

For the interview, you should show the real you; and if you’re are worried that iCanMed’s interview course might brainwash you, then quit worrying. It doesn’t get you to remember a script word-for-word. It does, however, allow you to channel your own ideas and personality through to the interviewers in a much more structured, informed, and concise manner.

In fact, it brings out the better you. Michael’s extensive knowledge gave me a broader understanding of both the health sector and the interview process, while the invaluable feedback from the mock interviews allowed me to recognise my faults and be better prepared for the real deal. In short, iCanMed gave me the skills and confidence to walk through the interview, into medicine.

"...enables each student to achieve their maximum potential"

Dr Chinmay Pandit

Dr Chinmay Pandit

iCanMed helps the student express themselves effectively through the first medium they have for the interview. Along with this the interview workshop will act to sharpen the interview skills of a person, and enhance the communication skills they have. iCanMed interview workshop will help people target their core motivating factors and reveal them for any set of interviewers. Alongside the many services provided above their is a constant element of mentoring when working with iCanMed. As each person experiences a different, unique set of challenges in their first year this is the most important service provided in my opinion. Michael works closely with his students to dispel false rumours and enable each student to achieve their maximum potential.

"...110% that me getting into medicine was because of iCanMed"

Dr Delani Nawarajan

Dr Delani Nawarajan

One thing I feel I can’t emphasise enough about iCanMed, is dedication. This year, I felt that Michael was living through the exams and labs and interview with us. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been through a few hundred textbooks by now, because he ALWAYS has the answer. I know 110% that me getting into medicine was because of iCanMed. Michael has exclusive resources and an abundant amout of information that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else. Not only that, he served as a huge source of motivation for me this year, and gave me a lot of confidence in myself, and because of that, first year biomed didn’t seem as daunting as it would have been otherwise.

I felt the interview prep was incredibly important in terms of understanding what the interviewers really want to know; a skill which we can now use absolutely anywhere because of what Michael taught us about making ourselves “stand out from the crowd”, even right before we walk into our interview. First year premed can get very hectic at times, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of self doubt and anxiousness, but for me, I felt iCanMed was really like a light at the end of the tunnel, purely because of Michael’s dedication to not only get us through the year, but actually succeed!

"...gave me the much needed experience..."

Dr Kevin Liu

Dr Kevin Liu

What was special about iCanMed teaching was that they focused on making us understand the concepts rather than force-fed us the content, and they answered questions very thoroughly and promptly. The interview workshop was very helpful in which it pointed me in the right direction as to how I was to go about with my preparation with content and personal reflection. What I found most beneficial was the mock interview at the end of the workshop with iCanMed and the two guest doctors. I was made aware of the areas I could improve on and it gave me the much needed experience to become more confident and at ease with my actual one.

"...the people at iCanMed genuinely care..."

Dr Revati Chopra

Dr Revati Chopra

iCanMed’s Interview Package was absolutely amazing. It was without a doubt the best workshop I came across because the focus was not on ‘memorising answers’ or ‘saying the right thing’, but was about being honest, and true to yourself, and learning about how to communicate effectively. I believe that these skills are useful not just for an interview, but in real life as well.

The workshop also really helped to build up my confidence for the Interview process, especially due to watching so many mock Interviews and participating in one myself. I really needed this because I had never been in an interview myself.

There was a huge range of questions to practice with, which really helped me think about a large range of things, and made me feel prepared to tackle almost any scenario in an interview. This was not just because there was such a wide range of content covered, which was definitely very helpful, but also because I got used to thinking on the spot about new topics, in a way that was structured and logical.

One of the really outstanding things about the workshop was the emphasis on ‘structuring answers’, and learning how to say things logically, and in a more concise manner. That’s something that a lot of us lack, and learning how to develop these skills is something that I am really grateful for.

I would seriously recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to get into Medicine in the future, because not only is it a complete package, but the people at iCanMed genuinely care about the students they teach and go out of their way to be helpful.

iCanMed Interview Pro Course Features


Teaching of step-by-step techniques 

Complete curriculum covering all knowledge and skill required

for every question

24-hour support 

Structured lesson by lesson growth plans

Qualified educators with combined 15,000 hours coaching experience

Weekly updates to online course 

Updated  question bank written by pros

Designed and reviewed by professional educators

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