The iCanMed Interview Masterclass - Overcoming The Final Obstacle!

The interview is the final barrier stopping you from gaining acceptance into your dream course. Every year, Michael, iCanMed’s co-founder, leads a two-day masterclass for a limited number of students in each city to prepare for the interview. 

He will fully utilise his 13 years of experience as a professional interviewer, interview designer and interviewer trainer to help you maximise your full potential to answer ANY interview question across ANY interview format for EVERY medical and dental school interview. 

Congratulations on finishing the UCAT!

The road in 2020 has been tough, long, windy and full of potholes. Now that you are settling back into your school or university routine, it is crucial to remember that there is still one last piece of the puzzle left: the interview.

For many medical and dental schools, the interview is weighted as much as your ATAR during the final selection process for acceptance. However, instead of having an entire school year to accumulate marks across countless tests, assignments and exams, the interview is a single 20 to 60 minute assessment. This format means, at its worst, 4 minute of a 20 minute interview is worth the same effort as all the work you put into year 12 subject like chemistry (assuming you take five subjects) – 2 minutes of an interview is worth the same as a 50% exam. Talk about important! 

Your performance in the interview will either help you to leapfrog other candidates or let other candidates leapfrog you with ease. Due to the heavy weighting of the interview, it is not uncommon for students with a 99+ ATAR and 98th+ UCAT/UMAT percentile to ruin their chances of gaining entry. Likewise, it is also not uncommon for students with a borderline ATAR and UCAT/UMAT result to receive first-round offers due to their strong interview performance. It is therefore critical to make the most of any interview opportunity as your final push to achieve entry into your dream course. The choice is in your hands!

So, what makes an interviewee stand out?

First, we need to understand why interviews exist. The purpose of the interview is to determine whether or not candidates possess the necessary attributes, attitudes, motivations, skills and values to become a successful medical student and a great doctor.

Candidates’ responses need to not only demonstrate that they possess these ideal traits, but also show that their traits are far more developed than those of other candidates. Rather than looking at your ability to recall facts—that’s what school/uni grades are for— the interviewers’ focus is on whether or not you come across as an ideal candidate for a medical career.

Every question asked in the interview is an opportunity to showcase different traits. So, what kind of preparation do you need to do so that you can deliver a 10/10 response to every question asked in the interview?

At iCanMed, we want you to become a more skilful interviewee. Since interview questions are generally never repeated by the same medical school, your preparation needs to help you come across as an outstanding candidate no matter what format or questions you’re faced with. By using the five-step method shown above, you can achieve ideal results, every time.

Introducing the iCanMed Interview Pro Course!
A two-day intensive interview masterclass and an interview online course*

1. Taught by a Professional Interviewer With Unrivalled Coaching Success

Get taught by those who interview, not those who get interviewed.

The two-day intensive masterclass is led by Michael, iCanMed's co-founder, who has accumulated a wealth of experience over the last 13 years as a professional interviewer, interview designer and trainer of interviewers across multiple industries for selective interviews at the highest level. Furthermore, he has coached over 2,000 successful students, who received 1–5 medical and dental school offers in the year they applied.

Michael will share all the insights, strategies, advice and preparation activities that will help you deliver 10/10 answers in an authentic and flexible way. Be prepared to learn how to excel in any interview format for any interview question.

2. All Medical Interview Question Types, Formats, Trends & Mark Schemes

An interview question is an opportunity for interviewers to determine whether or not the candidate possesses suitable traits to be a successful student and future health professional. Therefore, the iCanMed interview masterclass provides students with access to the latest interview questions asked by interview panels as the basis for preparation. It’s not just the questions themselves that are important: current formats and question trends play a huge part in understanding what modern schools look for in candidates. However, the most important thing is to understand what constitutes a top answer in the eyes of the interviewers. During the masterclass, mark schemes created with the latest testing metrics are used to identify key factors in a 1 to 5 grading system. Finally, full dissections of questions are given and recommendations about content and structure are provided to help aid the candidate to create their own responses.

3. Personalised Feedback, Support & Coaching

Becoming a great interviewee requires you to constantly experiment and familiarise yourself with the skills to create perfect answers to any question (expected or unexpected).

Throughout the two days, personalised feedback is provided for every step of the interview-skills-building process. From content creation to question analysis, content selection, structure selection and answer delivery, you will be supported during every single step.

Our goal is for you to be in full control of what answers you deliver and how you deliver them. After all, no interviewer likes pre-prepared scripts; it undermines the credibility of your response, and it also prevents them from understanding who you really are and what traits make you truly stand out from the competition.

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4. Effective, Efficient & Affordable

Long story short, we've already completed the bulk of the work for you to succeed. We've spent years breaking down the entire interview process (as well as the questions and yearly changes) to understand the system used by interviewers to identify the perfect interviewee. Since our courses are designed by qualified educators experienced in the area of smart course design, every recommendation we give is a proven step on the most efficient and effective path to interview dominance. The path has been laid, the direction has been set: all you need to do is take the time and effort to become the best interviewee you can be.

As with all iCanMed courses, you will receive industry leading preparation for an affordable price. Our mission is always to create transformative courses for anyone who is dead set on receiving the best support and gaining entry into their dream course. We look forward to helping you conquer this final barrier, together.

1. Professional Interviewer-taught with Official Insights​

Get taught by those who interview, not those who get interviewed.
Become an outstanding candidate with the interview mark scheme as the centre of your preparation.

2. All Medical Interview Question Types, Formats & Trends

Deliver 10/10 answers for any question, at any medical school interview.
Whatever question you are asked, our program shows you how to be in control on the big day.

3. Personalised Feedback, Support & Coaching

Become the best version of yourself by tackling your weaknesses.
Gain multiple opportunities for our head coach to provide recommendations to take strides in your progress.

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4. Effective, Efficient & Affordable

No guesswork or headaches. Learn, at a fraction of the price.
Since we’ve done all the work, just follow our lead. And the best part? Our course is up to 95% cheaper than other premium courses.

How did iCanMed students do last year in the interviews?

According to our annual survey, 603 medical and dental school offers were awarded to iCanMed UCAT Pro Course students. Almost all of these successful students participated in the Interview Pro Course.

All the medical and dental schools that awarded iCanMed students offers. The iCanMed Interview Pro Course prepares students for interviews at every one of these universities (including UQ for 2021 entry). All of the medical and dental schools that made offers to iCanMed students. The iCanMed Interview Pro Course prepares students for interviews at every one of these universities (including UQ for 2021 entry).

What the two-day interview masterclass looks like

Feedback from some of our past students

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Interview Pro Course
$370.00 AUD

1. Two-day interview masterclass
2. Access to the online interview course (already included in the iCanMed UCAT Pro Course)

Interview Masterclass Dates:

11th & 12th November, 2020 (60 seats)

13th & 15th November, 2020 (40 seats)

16th & 17th November, 2020 (40 seats)

19th & 20th November, 2020 (60 seats)

25th & 26th November, 2020 (60 seats)

Auckland – Dates TBA

*All venues have been booked in compliance with the social distancing requirements of that city. In the event that travel or public gathering restrictions are in place at the time of the masterclass, the masterclass will be conducted via live webinar.

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