MUST READ: How to book your perfect mock interview slot (Elite Course students)

As part of your iCanMed Interview Elite Course purchase, you are eligible to book two 45-minutes mock interview sessions with one of our interview coaches (Shayan and Sachin).

The mock interview sessions will provide you with the best opportunity to assess your preparation by simulating the most interview format and question styles asked in the interviews last year. It is your chance to experience the unexpected and utilise all the skills developed during the masterclass to overcome them. After the mock interview, your interview coach will run through a comprehensive marking scheme to provide you with a particular and highly-targeted set of recommendations to fix the most significant issues preventing you from scoring top marks on the big day. For the mock interview session to be beneficial, you need to treat your mock interview like an actual interview.

This page provides a list of recommendations for how to book a time that best suits you. In addition, a list of FAQs to understand the booking process. Please read each point very carefully before committing to a mock interview session, as you will not be able to switch times after locking in your session.

Mock interview time slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis – you should book your mock interview IMMEDIATELY to secure your spot. Before doing so, carefully read all points below to avoid booking a session at the wrong time.

  • Do not book a mock interview session at a time before your masterclass stream – you will waste the mock interview as you will be extremely under-prepared and not understand any of the feedback we provide you. Many students and parents think that doing as much practice as possible (even though you have no idea what you are doing) is the best way to get better. It’s like not bothering to learn how to drive (e.g. understanding road rules, how to accelerate, brake and turn a vehicle, etc.), but instead hopping into a car and driving it on the motorway and ‘seeing how things go’. You will probably crash, burn and die – the same thing applies to the mock interview.
  • Do not book a mock interview session at a time before your content creation worksheet is complete and used extensively in conjunction with all the other skills taught during the masterclass. A well-written content creation worksheet is essential for your interview responses to be outstanding. Not only should it be ideally completed before the masterclass (at least eight traits), if you aren’t familiar with using your newly created content, the mock interview experience will instantly expose this fundamental flaw in your preparation.
  • Do not book a mock interview session at a time before when you are still in the early and intermediate stages of practice. The masterclass will undoubtedly provide you with a tremendous advantage over the competition by 1. saving you a lot of preparation time 2. teaching you high-level skills that no one else knows 3. providing you personalised feedback to attempt to refine and perfect your answers. However, it is not until after the masterclass that students really master these techniques across a large volume of questions (found in the online course) and fine-tune their approach through many reflections and finally develop their style. For comparison’s sake, the interview preparation process is just as unique to your typical school/university subject as UCAT preparation. However, interview preparation is a lot less structured (due to the nature of assessment). It requires students to make many decisions about what content to use, how to analyse questions, the structure to select, and precisely how to deliver the content. Many students are not used to having so much freedom in choosing how to answer each question. Therefore, they require a lot of experimentation and refinement to ‘find’ their preferred style that will satisfy all the marking scheme criteria and allow them to be confident in every scenario. Interview preparation is easy if you don’t want to come across an outstanding candidate. However, interview preparation is very complex in a way you’ve never experienced before if you’re going to be THE top candidate. I am teaching you the same skills I teach to high-level executives that spend anywhere between $2k to $5k on receiving coaching from me in addition to months of preparation. So if you want to be an excellent interviewee, you need to give yourself as much time as possible to be as prepared as possible before sitting the mock interview. Long story short, don’t waste the mock interviews designed to help you beat the most critical assessment of your life.

Many students ask me, “Michael, when is the best time for me to book a mock interview?” To comprehensively answer your question, you need to know and think about a few essential things.

Basic information about mock interviews:

  • There are many mock interview slots available across November, December and January. However, there is a daily limit for the number of slots available (we, unfortunately, do not have the technology to clone ourselves). Depending on the day, there may be more slots than other days. We may also release fewer slots on some days and add more slots to popular days.
  • You can book two mock interviews between November 10th and January 6th. (We may also release some time slots in mid/late January 2023 for students sitting interviews around that time.)
  • All mock interviews are held on Zoom as Zoom is the preferred platform by most medical schools in 2022.
  • All mock interview sessions will start on the hour (e.g. 9:00 am) and end 45 minutes after at the latest (e.g. 9:45 am).
  • If you turn up late, you will not be compensated for lost time.
  • If you do not turn up for your booked interview, you will forfeit your opportunity to participate in the interview you booked for – just like what would happen if you missed your actual interviews.

Now that we’ve gotten the essential information out of the way, let’s address the big question everyone is thinking about: “When is the best time to book my two mock interview sessions?”

This question is vast as there are many factors involved, so please read everything carefully to make the best decision for you.

Factor 1: How many interviews have you received/likely to receive? When are these interviews?

If you have received multiple interview offers or just a single offer, you should think about which program you want to prioritise the most according to your preference and your likelihood of gaining entry based on their selection criteria.

To check the interview dates for 2023 entry (last updated on the date indicated on the page), please refer to this link:

The golden rule is that I recommend you schedule mock interviews only before the interviews of programs you care about the most. So if you have three interviews coming up and say the interview you care about the most is the second one, this is what I recommend:

  • I recommend you schedule the mock interview slot between the first two interviews so that the first interview can prepare you even more for the mock by using the first interview as a ‘pre-mock’.
  • If there is no time between the first and second interview (i.e. both are held on the same day), schedule the mock interview a few days before the first interview to give yourself a few days to action the feedback you will receive.
  • You might find that you have a few high-priority offers scattered across Nov/Dec and Jan. In this case, I would recommend you schedule the first mock interview before the high priority interview in the Nov/Dec period. The second mock interview can be scheduled before your high priority interview in the January period to help you shake off any rust.
  • In the case that you believe you will only receive one interview out of all the programs you applied for, only then would you schedule both mock interviews before then.

Factor 2: When will I be ready to attempt a mock interview to receive the most benefit?

  • Suppose you have the luxury not to have any interviews immediately after the masterclass (i.e. 1 to 3 days). In that case, I recommend you book your mock interview anytime from 4 days to 14 days after the second day of the masterclass.
  • In general, I recommend you book the mock interview as late as possible while giving yourself at least 3 days before your official interviews. You want to ensure that the feedback given during the mock interview is about issues you could’ve never picked up on yourself. You do not want Shayan or Sachin to tell you that you’ve lost marks due to anything that you could’ve easily avoided (e.g. incomplete content creation worksheet, lack of practice, unfamiliarity with question analysis and structure, etc.) that is already taught in the masterclass or online course. This reality means that you should ideally finish the online course (and all its activities) before attempting a mock interview.
  • If I were to give a general indication of how long it takes to finish interview preparation to a desirable level, you would be looking at around 100 hours (excluding the two-day masterclass). Remember, some people may need more time, especially if they fear the interview process and speak in front of others. Still, I would be hard-pressed to say that any exceptional candidate would do less than 100 hours of preparation. Approximately 60% of that time is dedicated to the content creation worksheet, which leaves 40 hours of self-preparation before the mock interview.
  • You can reduce the 40 hours of preparation after the masterclass by doing the following things (highly recommended for students who have interviews immediately after the masterclass):
    • 1) Completing your entire content creation worksheet to a super high quality as early as possible
    • 2) Continuing on the remaining modules of the online interview course so that you have prior experience with the skills and create a list of questions to resolve any existing issues
  • If you don’t have interviews scheduled during November and December, feel free only to book your mock interviews for dates after early December.

That’s it! All the best for your exams and interview preparation. I look forward to seeing you in the masterclass!


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