Interview Courses (covers all interview formats including MMI and semi-structured)



Upon purchasing the Pro or Elite course, you will:

  1. Receive an email confirming your course enrolment.
  2. Receive an email with instructions to book your 2 x mock interviews with interview coach Sachin (Elite Course only). Time slots for mock interviews are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Receive an email within 48 hours containing pre-class homework and instructions to access the online interview course. (NB: if you are enrolled in the UCAT Pro Course, you already have access to this course.)

Please note:

  • Payment is non-refundable.
  • If you are enrolled in the UCAT Pro Course, you already have access to the Online Interview Course. No discounts are given to students already enrolled in the UCAT Pro Course.
  • A webcam and microphone are essential, as the masterclasses (as well as the mock interviews for Elite course students) will be interactive.
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Bonus Interview Jumpstart Workshop for Accelerated Preparation (05/10 @ 7pm AEST) – only for students who signed up early!

The amount of ‘free time’ between the end of exams and the first interviews is often anywhere from under a week to a maximum of two weeks. Considering how interviews are often weighted at least the same as your entire ATAR by the medical school when selecting candidates, how you use this time to prepare will ultimately have the biggest impact in helping you gain entry into medicine or prevent you from gaining entry into medicine.

To make the most of this precious time, Andrew Olszewski, iCanMed Coach, will take an extra online workshop during the Term 3 holidays to help all Interview Pro and Elite Course by guiding all the attendees through the most critical (and most time-consuming) part of the interview preparation process: completing the content creation worksheet. The workshop aims to drastically reduce the time it would take for you to finish the worksheet, which needs to be submitted by the end of the term 3 holidays to prevent wasting extra time that you do not have.

This worksheet is essentially for an interviewee to deliver in-depth, diverse and authentic content across any question, which is key to any top-scoring response. In addition, developing great content unlocks the interviewee’s ability to analyse, plan and deliver responses to the highest level. In the world of medical interviews, having great content is everything. In addition, Michael will also set you some light reading so that you will be in the best position to capitalise on the masterclass and remaining preparation time the moment you finish your end of year exams.


The masterclass offers the most comprehensive preparation journey by teaching you all the skills to create A++ quality content, analyse and dissect all question types in every format, plan the most compelling and relevant response, organise your opinions and deliver your super-polished answer every single time. Of course, there is also plenty of feedback and practice according to what interviewers are looking for in their ideal throughout the highly interactive course.

These courses are very competitively priced. Andrew (the Interview Coach) also runs professional two-day coaching masterclasses at the rate of $3,000–5,000 for working professionals, and charges an hourly rate of $1,500 AUD for private coaching. Many of the skills he teaches in those professional masterclasses and private sessions will be covered in this two-day interview masterclass, making them a VERY affordable way to access premium interview coaching for the highest-level performance.

As each masterclass will be run via Zoom (the platform most commonly used for online medical/dental school interviews) and will involve direct interaction between the instructor and attendees, numbers are strictly limited!


What’s the difference between the Pro and Elite course?

Students can choose from two interview course options: Pro or Elite.

The Elite course has the same inclusions as the Pro course, PLUS two mock interview sessions conducted one-on-one with interview coach Sachin. For this reason, there will only be 75 Elite course places available for purchase, and only 130 Pro course places.


What do the courses include?

1) Masterclass with Head Interview Coach Andrew Olszewski (included in Pro and Elite):

The two-day, 14-hour online interview masterclass focuses on all the essentials of interview preparation:

  • Step-by-step coaching of the five-step process to analyse all question types asked in every medical and dental school interview over the last three years, identify opportunities to plan and deliver a high scoring response for every question
  • Discussion of all ‘popular’ topics commonly used in interviews and how to apply them in the answers
  • Mock interview opportunities with customised rubric feedback, and predicted scoring
  • Build a resilient mindset for candidates to correctly and confidently adapt to any interview question and setting
2) Follow-Up Group Feedback Sessions (included in Pro and Elite):

After the masterclass is completed, students are expected to practice the many techniques taught to familiarise and refine their question answering skills. Andrew will be running group feedback sessions where students can drop in and ask any questions/concerns regarding their preparation as well as submit answers before the session for feedback during the session.

These sessions will address common issues to not only support students’ preparation efforts, but also help them troubleshoot quickly and gain confidence in their approach. Each group feedback session is expected to run for 1.5–2 hours; however, students are recommended to keep themselves available if the feedback session runs for longer.

3) Online Interview Course (included in Pro and Elite):
  • Covers all interview formats used by every medical school (e.g. UNSW, Monash, Adelaide, JMP, WSU, JCU, UWA, Curtin, CSU etc.)
  • 200+ interview questions asked in 2021/2020/2019/2018
  • Full dissection of all question types across 7 modules
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs to answer every question
  • Worksheets to help build game-winning content
  • Current interview mark schemes used in both MMI and semi-structured interview formats
  • Unlimited support and feedback from the head coach, Andrew
  • Updated resource bank (e.g. current health priorities, news, rural health issues, Aboriginal/Maori health, ethics)

NB: If you are enrolled in the UCAT Pro Course, you already have access to the Online Interview Course. No discounts are given to students already enrolled in the UCAT Pro Course.

4) 2 x One-on-One, 45-Minute Mock Interview Sessions with Interview Coach Sachin (included in Elite only):

The two one-on-one mock interview sessions (delivered via Zoom) provide the ultimate personalised opportunities for your interview skills to be assessed, graded and improved after the interview masterclass and before your big day.

Depending on the student’s preference of medical/dental programs, the mock interview simulation will adopt the most format, questions style and overall experience conducted by the interview selection process of the same program in recent years.

Our coach will create detailed notes throughout the mock interview and grade you on all aspects of your interview delivery. Key parameters include the quality of your content (precisely its depth, diversity and authenticity), the organisation of the response, and its delivery, amongst many others. The coach’s expertise helps you identify what needs to be improved (and how) as well as your strengths. Additional coaching will help you become a confident, engaged and adaptive interviewee to expect and capitalise on any unexpected deviations on the interview date.

Due to the intensive nature of the two one-on-one mock interview sessions, there will only be 75 Interview Elite Courses available (which includes the one-on-one sessions) for purchase. Enrolment opportunities are given on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.


Got a question about the interview courses? Contact Maryam at and we’ll do our best to resolve any questions or concerns you may have.

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