July 8th Crash Course – Decision Making Part 2 (Passage with Words/Diagrams, Venn Diagrams, Probability Question Types) – 1pm to 4pm AEST


iCanMed will be holding section-specific, 3-hour ‘crash course’ webinar tutorials to help students finalise their 2020 UCAT preparation and fix any remaining issues before the big day. These tutorials are crucial for anyone serious about scoring in the 90th+ percentile and come at a price of only $15/hour ($45 for the three-hour session).

Spots for these tutorials will be limited in number, so make sure to grab yours now!

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The tutorials will cover:

  1. Live teaching of the step-by-step process for solving the question types found in that UCAT section. (These question types are specifically based off the 2019 UCAT exam).

  2. A multi-question, multi-teaching format is adopted, where students are given a question to attempt and then taught how to solve it correctly and quickly. Students will then apply the newly-taught process to another question, which will again be followed up with re-teaching and detailed feedback to achieve immediate improvement. This cycle continues for the entire 3-hour tutorial to achieve the goal of completely stripping down the issues encountered at each step and fixing them.

  3. Strategic advice will be given regarding exam-day issues experienced by the 2019 UCAT cohort (to do with the specific question types) and how to fix them.

How will this help my chances of UCAT success?

  1. Save you A LOT of time (as there is not a lot of time left!). Instead of guessing how to do questions or mindlessly attempting more practice questions without drastic improvement, learn the intricate step-by-step methods that have been refined over the last four years through constant testing by qualified educators specialising in aptitude assessments. Think about how much time and effort you can save by not being unsure of your techniques or spending a long time to discover a method that actually consistently works.

  2. Find out exactly what you’re NOT good at. A lot of students ask us why they aren’t getting better at answering specific question types, despite putting in so much hard work. These crash courses will explain exactly WHAT is stopping you from getting to the next level in your preparation for these specific question types. You will receive a very clear direction in terms of what you need to focus on to improve. No need to feel lost anymore!

  3. Get really good at solving questions, fast. Learning how to solve questions correctly does not mean that you will suddenly become a UCAT master, able to answer all questions correctly under strict time limits. However, these tutorials will expose the most common mistakes that people are committing during UCAT study which are hindering their development. (Unfortunately, the moment they speed up, their accuracy often just drops!). These crash courses will also advise you on very specific preparation methods to solve issues of accuracy and speed (e.g. correct ways to read faster, determine the correct answer, etc.).

  4. Unlimited Q&A to receive constant personalised feedback. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like during the tutorial about any issues you have discovered for that section of the UCAT. We will provide custom feedback to any questions — you just need to ask them.

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