The first UCAT will be in 2019, iCanMed can help!

The UCAT is an aptitude test similar to the UMAT but with some distinct changes. In fact, there are some major overlaps in the techniques used to answer certain question types in the UCAT as in the UMAT. iCanMed has already identified these changes and have spent years developing a course that TEACHES you how to SUCCEED just like our UMAT students in the past.

 How did iCanMed students go in the latest UMAT exam?

Every year, iCanMed undergoes a gruelling process of updating and refining every part of its course. Our yearly investigation involves talking with hundreds of students to understand the types of challenges they encountered during preparation and on the exam day. We then spend months revising our course content, course structure, learning objectives, teaching methodologies, preparation timeline, and student support system to see what we can tweak for the next year’s cohort.

Why do we do this? To help every student achieve the best result possible.


UMAT 2018 Exam Results

Feedback from 298 students: 151 students achieved 90th to 100th, 94 students achieved 80th to 89th, 53 students achieved < 80th. Updates will be made as we receive feedback from 900+ remaining students.


Every year, we have multiple students scoring in the 100th, 99th and 98th percentiles in the UMAT. We’ve selected a few of the most amazing stories to share with you today. Each of the students below took advantage of our course and scored big.

Sonya Lee - Brisbane, Class of 2017

93RD Percentile with less than 1 month of prep


“I cannot recommend iCanMed's UMAT program highly enough. Having tried other UMAT preparation programs, I have yet to see a course that is on par with the quality of iCanMed's content. The online course is designed in a way that it feels like a teacher is guiding you through the process. There are always tutors online who are ready to guide you through any questions you might have, and provide support through the process. I chose iCanMed after being frustrated with the lack of progress with my previous UMAT course provider. Only after one month with iCanMed, I began seeing improvements in my scores.”

“UMAT is already a stressful exam in itself- don't make it any more painful than it needs to be! Choose iCanMed if you want to see exceptional results following your UMAT exam.”



96th Percentile

“iCanMed is a great resource for getting good at exactly what UMAT requires - knowing your approach to each question style. The team is extremely supportive and down to earth, and Michael is always willing to chat with you individually and answer questions. The videos are great to solidify your understanding of how to solve all kinds of problems, which is lacking in so many other prep courses! Overall, definitely worth the money and helped me get 96th percentile!”


96th Percentile

”I joined iCanMed's UMAT course around 2 weeks before the actual exam. Whilst I definitely would have benefited from thoroughly going through the course with plenty of time, rather than rushing through it, the techniques I learnt and the feedback I got was still invaluable and landed me a 96th percentile. 

Why iCanMed stands out: 

  1. ‍There's a curriculum! The course is broken down into question types which each require different strategies. By following the course, you know exactly how to tackle UMAT by identifying the question types and then applying iCanMed's strategies. 

  2. Ashton and Michael always answered my questions within 24 hours. During the 2 weeks, I asked around 50 questions without hesitation and without fail, they were answered in less than 24 hours. I could also read other people's questions and Michael and Ashton's responses, which helped me identify common issues people had with each section.

  3. I dreaded preparing for the UMAT but the detailed video solutions to each question, as opposed to long chunks of explanations, made it so much more enjoyable.”

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