Last Minute Workshops

It's never too late to improve your UMAT mark. iCanMed's Last Minute Workshops are great for anyone looking learn UMAT with only weeks to spare or to review your preparation one last time.

Option 1: Section-specific Reviews (three hours/session: $50.00)
Brief: section-specific mock test (all question types), followed by test breakdown, teaching of techniques and common pitfalls to avoid at all costs

Option 2: Whole day Masterclasses (eight hours/session: $160.00)
 Masterclass 1: Coaching of all techniques for all key S1, S2 and S3 question types. Receive workbook and immediate feedback as you apply techniques to refine practice. Learn everything in one day.
Masterclass 2: Sit full 134 mock exam (based off 2016 UMAT), receive feedback with projected score, explanation of all high level questions, exam strategies and Q&A to complete preparation.

Which section would you like to improve on?

Section 1
Section-specific Review

Section 2
Section-specific Review

Section 3
Section-specific Review

All of them!
Masterclasses 1 and 2