Free In-school UCAT workshops & monthly UCAT newsletter!

iCanMed is at the forefront of updating schools across Australia and New Zealand with the latest changes, insights into the UCAT, new question dissections and strategies surrounding effective UCAT preparation. Having already been invited to over 100 schools to conduct after school talks since the announcement of the UCAT, we are making it easier for new schools to book us in for 2019.


Here is the outline of our current 2-2.5 hr in-school workshop:

  • Discussing the similarities and differences between the UMAT and UCAT, as well as how that changes preparation

  • Showing a LIVE demonstration of how sample section 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 UCAT questions are solved

  • Sharing the biggest 'preparation fails' that will prevent students from achieving a 90th+ percentile result

  • Revealing a holiday preparation timeline designed to maximise the summer break to ensure UCAT prep minimally impacts school work in 2019


We want to inform careers advisors, parents and students about the ‘must know’ from our analysis of the UCAT (we’ve already spent years dissecting the UKCAT, i.e. the UK version of UCAT), as well as learn precisely how questions should be answered.

Also, we will be sending out a monthly newsletter to all subscribers containing updates to the medical entrance scheme as more unfolds. iCanMed receives a range of questions from careers advisors on a day to day basis and would like to share advice regarding these concerns. The newsletter will also include details to free public workshops, video tutorials, key dates, articles and any significant announcements. Please complete the form below to contact us about organising a school visit or subscribe to our newsletter or both!

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