UCAT Pro Course ‘Back-to-School Discount’& Group Discount Form - Promo valid until 14th March 2019

Save anywhere from $90.00 (1-year course) to $530.00 (2-year course)

Our face-to-face masterclasses begin as early as the 8th of December!

Complete the form below to be eligible receive an email that includes the back-to-school discount code, full breakdown of our UCAT Pro courses, masterclass information and in some cases a call from our friendly team. We want to make sure you understand what the recent changes mean for you and explain how iCanMed has designed a UCAT course that will help you gain the best preparation advantage.

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We've got some amazing deals for groups looking to sit UCAT in both 2019 and 2020! By saying 'YES', students sitting the UCAT in 2019 will receive the 1-Year UCAT Pro Course for an amazing $490.00 AUD (instead of $670.00 RRP, 27% OFF). For those students sitting the UCAT in 2020, you will receive the 2-Year UCAT Course for $810.00 AUD (instead of $1340.00 RRP, 40% OFF) *There is a minimum group size of 5 students and 3 students for each member to be eligible for the 1-Year and 2-Year course group discount, respectively. To receive the group discount, you will need to apply as a group. In some circumstances when the group is one member short, we will assist in merging two ineligible groups.
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