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UCAT: University Clinical Aptitude Test

the facts and the realities

The replacement of UMAT with the UCAT came as a shocking surprise to many. The introduction of “UMAT 2.0” test that assesses students on 233 questions (99 more than the UMAT) over two hours (1 hour less than the UMAT) have left students and parents depressed about achieving the results needed to gain entry into medicine. The UCAT also comes with a complete shift in format in the styles of questions along with the additional of two extra sections from the original three sections in the UMAT. In the past two weeks iCanMed has received thousands of questions from the student community about:

  • How different is the UCAT compared to the UMAT?

  • How am I even supposed to finish the UCAT when the UMAT was already a time-poor test?

  • Where do I find resources? Are there even any reputable resources around?

  • When do I start preparation?

  • How do I even learn the UCAT?

With all these changes, how does an aspiring medical student prepare for this monster exam? Can UCAT even be prepared?


iCanMed has long since anticipated the removal of UMAT and began dissecting a selection of aptitude tests that could be the ‘new’ UMAT, one of which is the UKCAT (the test UCAT is based on).

Our team of professional assessment writers, who specifically specialise in the area of aptitude tests (yes, we don’t use the subjective advice of past test candidates to understand the tests and build our courses) have sat, analysed, broken down and created a master course that focuses on systematically preparing the students in a way that helps them to develop all the ‘must-have’ skillsets, knowledge and strategies to top the UCAT.

Furthermore, our approach is designed to help every student discover their own weaknesses quickly and receive customised feedback from our coaching team within 24 hours guaranteed. iCanMed has even gone as far as crunching numbers to help students understand what score in each section is required to achieve 90th+ percentiles.

Our UCAT Pro Course helps students by offering:

  • 25 hours of face-to-face teaching and test-taking strategy across three day masterclasses

  • 1000 professionally-written UCAT questions with an industry-leading 10-20 minute ‘live’ lesson per question teaching students how to solve all question types - no other prep company offers the level of teaching by iCanMed

  • Unlimited support hours - students can directly contact iCanMed’s UCAT coaches (via learning platform*, Facebook, SMS, Email or call) and be guaranteed feedback within 24 hours via our learning platform.

  • Additional three online courses covering medical school applications, medical school interviews and school/university study techniques

  • BONUS 10,000 UKCAT (UK version of UCAT) question bank for additional practice at as affordable add-on option (from $55 AUD, depending on time of purchase and currency exchange rates)

As for UMAT, we expect our students to have the best advantage and beat the competition. See the results for our 2018 UMAT students here.

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