Become a top UCAT scorer in 2021. During these online lessons, learn all the techniques, strategies and tips that helped 681 candidates achieve 3000 or higher in UCAT ANZ 2020. Finish the course with the unique skill set needed to top UCAT UK 2021.


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Confidently solve all question types found in the latest UCAT exams flawlessly and under time.


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Master all aspects of UCAT preparation in just 2 phases

Renowned Australian UCAT coaches Ashton Sheares and Michael Tsai teach you everything they know in this comprehensive course. Immerse yourself in the process and leave the course with complete VR, DM, QR, AR and SJT mastery and the ultimate exam-day game plan personalised to your strengths.

Phase #1 - Technique Development

Initial 90% of course

For Phase #1, Ashton and Michael share their highly coveted end-to-end techniques for solving all 14 question types found in the UCAT 2020 exam. You’ll remove all guesswork by learning about the groundbreaking five-step process tailored to perfectly solve all question variations found in each subtest. Furthermore, you will efficiently remove all personal weaknesses relating to your accuracy, precision and speed via mindful practice with targeted reflection by using the essential Solutions Review Worksheet and Glossaries. Achieve technical brilliance by the end of Phase 1 and be ready for a test-day performance boost in Phase 2.

Phase #2 - Exam Execution


For Phase #2, Ashton and Michael teach you the intricacies of time management for each subtest by explaining which question variations to attempt or flag to achieve the highest mark-to-time ratio possible. You will sit five professionally written timed exams containing all the technical nuances found in the most recent UCAT tests to isolate and eliminate any last-minute issues using the Exam Review Worksheet. As anyone who has previously sat the UCAT will tell you, test-day mindset is possibly the most important factor that determines a dream result or a sub-par outcome. Key topics such as focus, composure, and resilience will help you stay sharp and make the most of the test day.


Next-gen practice and teaching framework for efficient and complete preparation

During the course, learn the skills Ashton and Michael used to help 681 iCanMed students score 3000 or higher in UCAT ANZ 2020. Approximately 71% of all 97th (3070) to 99th percentile (3220) scorers were iCanMed students. This course meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new heights.

287 Practical Lessons to Beat the UCAT

Learn the end-to-end process of reading questions, linking information, interpreting questions, formulating the solution and selecting the correct answer for all unique question sub-types. During each lesson, Ashton shares his complete, real-time methods to help you first solidly grasp the process for choosing the correct answer every time before equipping you with the skills to solve questions within the exam’s (unreasonable) time limits.

LMS Mock Exam Question

2500+ Latest UCAT Questions

There is no point wasting time on practising questions that will never come up. Due to our yearly revision process, where we remove outdated questions and insert new exam-style questions, you can rest assured that all our untimed/timed quizzes and mock exams only contain questions that challenge you the right way. Due to our incredibly efficient next-gen practice and teaching framework, you will attempt significantly fewer questions while improving significantly more than any traditional question bank.

2500+ Fully Developed Model Video Solutions

In every section of the course, Ashton systematically dissects the theory and application of the techniques used to perfectly solve every single question (yes, all 2500+ questions) in a completely transparent way. Watch him literally solve questions in the way you should, line by line, to quickly identify and fix personal flaws like never before. These much-loved video solutions form the cornerstone of the next-gen practice and teaching framework that means you will never make the same mistake twice.

Test-Day Experience & Performance Analytics

Immerse yourself in the test using a platform identical to the official UCAT, so that you can properly assess where you stand in a testing environment. Your test day might present you with a series of unpredicted challenges that are unique to the exam format. Our platform also provides you with analytics after every timed quiz and exam to help you immediately recognise problem areas from day one.

Here's a sneak peek of the teaching you'll get

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Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, untimed and timed quizzes, and personal feedback. It’s a world-class curriculum that breaks down UCAT preparation into simple and easy-to-follow steps like never before.

How to UCAT Prep the iCanMed Way

This module includes the absolute essentials to ensure you prepare the most efficient and effective manner. Lessons aim to dispel misconceptions, misunderstandings as well as introducing the ‘must-dos’ that nearly 400 ICM students did to score above 3070 (97th percentile in the UCAT). We want you to spend the least time and effort studying while achieving better results than anyone else. Here is where it all starts.

Module 1

Verbal Reasoning - 1 Question Type

Section 1 (VR) has always been the lowest-scoring section out of all five sections. This phenomenon is due to the poor techniques, and subpar critical analysis students use when solving questions. Instead, students end up answering questions slowly and inaccurately, which is exacerbated by time pressure. Carefully complete each of these lessons to learn how members of our 2019 cohort ended up with 900 (full marks) in the last year’s UCAT.

Module 2

Decision Making - 6 Question Types

Section 2 (DM) contains the widest range of question types. From syllogism style questions to order type, it is crucial for students to not only be able to identify each type and its unique challenges quickly but to have a full process ready to solve each question ready to go. Adaptability is key to DM success. Take your time to internalise each method to maximise your scoring potential.

Module 3

Quantitative Reasoning - 1 Question Type

Section 3 (QR) is much more than year 8/9 math. Since last year’s exam, the premises have drastically decreased in size. The emphasis is now placed on your ability to isolate critical components within the premise and question to deduce suitable equations that will help you determine the exact mathematical function required to crunch the numbers! In short, QR is all about applying math in a useful and practical manner.

Module 4

Abstract Reasoning - 3 Question Types

Section 4 (AR) is uniquely challenging primarily due to the lack of words on the premises. Frankly put, AR takes the recognition of visual patterns to an entirely different level as your ability to identify critical features and cross-referencing it with a shortlist of the most probable pattern options is put to the test. Take your time to HAND DRAW the patterns into the glossary (as shown) to gain familiarity. Progress is ALWAYS slow/minimal in the beginning, but once everything clicks, AR becomes the most repetitive section out of them all.

Module 5

Situational Judgment - 2 Question Types

Section 5 (SJT) requires students to dissect medical scenarios systematically to understand what is happening, who is involved, and what needs to be done for potential issues to be resolved. Most importantly, a reasonable understanding of medical ethics guidelines will need to be smartly asserted to determine whether the proposed interventions are indeed ethical, as well as practical.

Module 6

Mock Exams - 5 Fully-Timed Mock Exams (with video solutions)

Congratulations on getting to the final module of the iCanMed UCAT Online Course. iCanMed has prepared FIVE fully-timed mock exams updated with questions based on the 2019 UCAT exam to give you the most representative test-day experience. However, for you to gain the maximum benefit of our mock exams, you NEED to complete specific tasks BEFORE attempting them. Otherwise, you will be merely wasting these precious resources while receiving little to no benefit whatsoever.

Module 7
Learn from the best


Ashton Sheares and Michael Tsai founded iCanMed after discovering a desperate need for aspiring medics to transform the way they prepare for the UCAT. Every year, they saw ambitious students spending countless hours on preparation methods that never work, and ultimately having their dreams shattered when their low UCAT score disqualified them from entering medical school. Having both come from a strong education background, they made a determination to change this forever. 

Since setting this mission, they’ve helped thousands of students to successfully enter their dream course and commence a career in medicine (including 71% of all students who scored in the 96th to 99th percentile on UCAT ANZ 2020). They’re passionate about helping as many students as possible get to where they want to be.


A new era of online support

This isn’t your typical UCAT “online course”. It’s a fully immersive learning experience. Our coaches provide personalised help, advice, and feedback with three amazing features.

Progress Class Recordings

Ashton and Michael hold 37 progress classes to troubleshoot any problems you may experience as you move through the course. Watch these recorded classes to see the coaches provide personalised advice (plus additional exercises and recommendations) to help you speed through your preparation. Whether it’s barriers in speed-reading for Verbal Reasoning or pattern recognition for Abstract Reasoning, the coaches have seen and fixed them all before. By watching these recordings, you will fine-tune your newly acquired skills to become second nature.

Unlimited, 24-Hour, One-on-One Feedback System

As an iCanMed student, you have the opportunity to ask any question directly to Ashton and Michael, anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, we guarantee a detailed response within 24 hours, every single day of the week. Currently, students are regularly submitting completed worksheets for fine-tuning, asking questions regarding technical nuances, or discussing concerns about mindset or preparation confidence. In 2020, our coaches received and responded to over 50,000 unique questions. Talk about personalised support like no other!

ucat training

Members-Only Discord Community

As part of your course membership, you are invited to join the iCanMed Discord Community Server, where you can post questions, thoughts, and concerns regarding UCAT prep and receive responses from fellow students as well as our experienced teaching team. Tag others or coaches to respond to sub-test-specific concerns, interview prep questions, or general matters. The iCanMed community embraces the challenges presented to them and is willing to guide you through the difficult process. Join thousands of other students who are determined to succeed and have made the proactive decision to prepare right, just like you.


Hear why top-achieving students love this course

Learn what makes this class unique and why people are raving about it in Australia and New Zealand.

Simon Lai

2020 iCanMed Student
Scored 3340 in UCAT ANZ & increased his 2019 result by 500+ points

I sat the UCAT twice – once in 2019, and once in 2020 with iCanMed. My score improved by over 500 points, which would not have been possible without iCanMed.

As opposed to just grinding through as many practice questions as possible like I did in the first time around, iCanMed’s approach is systematic and time-efficient, with a step-by-step guide to solve, and perfect, every single question type. I could feel my confidence slowly building as my techniques matured. Most importantly, iCanMed’s 24/7 support policy was just unbelievable and super helpful for someone like me, who left questions for Ashton under every second quiz I did for constant feedback.

iCanMed covers every single detail to do with UCAT, from the correct mentality as you start your preparation to what to do in the minutes right before the real exam. They are there for you from start to finish and are genuinely dedicated to their students’ success.

Madhu M

2020 iCanMed Student
Scored 3310 in UCAT ANZ & with perfect 900 in VR (DM – 810, QR – 790, AR - 810, SJT – 820)

When I first started my UCAT preparation I was extremely confused and lost. Unaware of how to properly prepare for the test, I followed the conventional approach which involved sitting multiple mock exams under timed conditions. However, I soon came to realise the lack of improvement and I felt like giving up. I later found iCanMed online and initially attended a free seminar. Just after attending the one session, I was stunned by how differently the preparation for the UCAT was supposed to be structured. I immediately enrolled in the online course and restarted my preparation and it quickly became evident how carefully thought-out the course and individual lesson structure was. iCanMed truly differentiates itself through its unique emphasis on developing accuracy in all five sections of the UCAT before teaching you to master all the question types with the same amount of precision under timed conditions, rather than investing valuable time in mindless practice.

Closely following this detailed step-by-step process set out in the course along with making use of their 24/7 unlimited Q&A services allowed me to witness a massive improvement in my results. Furthermore, the additional help provided by Michael was extremely invaluable. It motivated me to be persistent by constantly seeking advice and feedback with both the UCAT and interview preparation process.

I am extremely grateful to the iCanMed team for the help, resources and advice they provided me with. They are truly passionate about educating their students and their distinctive teaching style focuses on targeting the weaknesses of and developing the strengths of each individual student. I strongly recommend their program.

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Frequently asked questions

If your questions aren’t covered below, you can chat with us.

This coaching is definitely relevant to students in the UK. Australian and NZ students also sit the UCAT, and the question types and format of the test are exactly the same. The only difference is that the testing periods are slightly different. By learning the techniques that helped over 681 of our Australian and NZ candidates score 3,000+ in UCAT ANZ 2020, you will have all the tools to replicate that result in your own UCAT test.

Our UCAT course for UK students is run online. It is a collection of video tutorials, practice questions, video solutions, 24-hour support system, and mock exams, as well as progress webinars.

The course includes 2,500+ UCAT questions (including five fully-timed mock exams) covering all 14 of the question types found in Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the 2020 UCAT exam. The questions are professionally written and reviewed by qualified assessment writers to represent the real exam in every way; their length, styles, nuances, variations, challenges, and ways of being solved are all the same. For every question, there is also a full step-by-step video solution around 5 to 15 minutes long that demonstrates how to solve each question using accurate, transferrable, and agile techniques. Imagine having 2,500 videos (with a total length of at least 12,500 minutes) of your math teacher solving every question in front of you!

In 2020, 681 iCanMed students scored 3,000+ in UCAT ANZ. When we interviewed these students, most of them revealed that they spent around 250 hours preparing for the test with some students spending as little as 150 hours. This may sound like a lot, but considering you have your entire summer holidays to prepare for it, it is definitely possible and worth the time and effort.

Unlike any other question bank, our online course is a fully structured course that guides you through a curriculum designed to help students learn the fundamentals of UCAT preparation and then skillfully scale that preparation into a result that is genuinely exam-ready. The online course contains teaching lessons and worksheets for you to diagnose and fix your unique weaknesses, as well as 2,500+ questions updated and adapted from the 2020 UCAT exam AND 2,500+ video solutions (each around 5 to 15 minutes long) that show you, just as a math teacher would on the whiteboard, how to solve every single question flawlessly. On top of that, we also have recordings of 37 progress webinars that go through parts of the course that are especially difficult and help you fix any points where you are prone to make mistakes. Our 24-hour unlimited feedback system helps you address your weaknesses as well as concerns then and there so that you can prepare according to your own priorities. Once you have mastered your UCAT techniques with the above functions, our five full mock exams as well as detailed analytics are there to help you identify your test-specific issues (such as your timing or getting used to the UCAT calculator).

Absolutely! Progress tracking is essential for any student to make sure they are preparing the right way. The UCAT course helps students with this in a variety of ways. First, a progress bar has been incorporated into each of the major modules in the online learning management system to show how many lessons you’ve completed and how many you have yet to complete. Second, to help you check if you’re improving and to manage your speed and accuracy, the course includes a large collection of tools, worksheets, and activities to be used alongside the teaching videos and practice questions. Finally, you can also review your performance for every quiz and test in our course (there are a lot of them!) to see how much time you spend on each question (for timed tests) and which questions still require more work.

An extremely important feature of the UCAT course is unlimited opportunities to contact our UCAT coaches and receive direct, personalised feedback. All questions are answered within 24 hours, every day of the year. Students can do this by leaving their question in the comments section of any of the online lessons.

Everyone has a different amount of time available depending on when they decide to sit the test. However, it is absolutely crucial that you do everything you can to maximise your chances of success, and the first step to do this is to start as early as possible. We already have students from the UK who have been preparing for the UCAT since as early as December 2020. Our advice is that you start as soon as your summer break hits (at the absolute latest).

The UCAT online course for UK students is normally priced at £250. However, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, it is currently on sale for only £90!

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