Will this course still be helpful if I’ve already started prep?

Often we find students who show confidence in their abilities without properly assessing the effectiveness of their prep. When it comes to a test like the UCAT, the confusion more than doubles.

According to some people, the best way to prepare for the UCAT is to do thousands and thousands of practice questions. According to others, the best approach to the UCAT is to just fluke it and hope for the best. Both of these approaches reflect a fundamental lack of understanding about what the UCAT exam is and why universities weigh it so heavily in the medical/dental selection process.

Confused students are usually the first to dive into practice questions or mock exams without a proper plan of attack and as the number of questions and hours pile up, their efforts and stress gradually transform into a false sense of security (e.g. After all this effort, surely I’ll do well!). However, one thing they are seriously overlooking is the fact that practice does not always guarantee perfect, only permanence. If you’re doing the right prep, you will improve. If you are simply doing questions out of sheer desperation, you may end up practising the wrong technique which makes you only get worse with time.

This course has the capacity to help students of all levels of competence as it literally pinpoints all forms of weaknesses that exist in the question-solving techniques for all 14 question types in the UCAT. If your prep so far has consisted primarily of practice questions and mock exams with very little to no reflection and rectifying of mistakes, then this course will definitely help put you back on the right track between now and your test.

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Australian med/dent schools typically only invite students with a UCAT score of 93rd+ percentile for an interview opportunity… which means 90%+ of students fail to even pass the first barrier (UCAT) that stands between them and med/dent schools.

Due to the competitive nature and difficulty of the UCAT, most top students start their prep up to 2 years before their actual test date, and on average spend 250 hours (based on the assumption that they work with effective and efficient methods) on prep in total.

For a Year 12 student who is yet to start on UCAT prep, your two biggest opportunities to catch up on the workload will be your Term 1 and Term 2 holidays.

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iCanMed is a team of high-calibre assessment writers, coaches and interviewers, ensuring that the advice we give works at every stage of the UCAT preparation and test-taking process. Over 1,800 students have already chosen to use iCanMed to help them achieve UCAT success on the 2022–23 exam. As the thought leaders in UCAT preparation and teaching, the free workshops we offer are designed to help every candidate gain the necessary insights to achieve their best results and gain entry into their dream course.

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